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English English - Definition of abide by 
obey, comply with -
Spanish English To Spanish - abide by 
cumplir con, acatar, allanarse a, avenirse a, observar
French English To French - abide by 
tenir (promesse), rester fidèle à; obéir à, se conformer à, se soumettre à
German English To German - abide by 
festhalten an, treu bleiben
Italian English To Italian - abide by 
tenere fede a; attendersi a
Portuguese English To Portuguese - abide by 
agir de acordo com, obedecer a
Russian English To Russian - abide by 
г. твердо придерживаться, оставаться верным, последовать, следовать, соблюдать
Turkish English To Turkish - abide by 
bağlı kalmak, uymak, tutmak
Albanian English To Albanian - abide by 
v. veproj në përputhje me
Dutch English To Dutch - abide by 
werken volgens-, gehoorzamen aan-
Greek English To Greek - abide by 
εμμένω, διαμένω με, τηρώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - abide by 
遵守, 坚持
ChineseT English To ChineseT - abide by 
遵守, 堅持
Japanese English To Japanese - abide by 
Korean English To Korean - abide by 
지키다, 복종하다
verb: act in accordance with someone's rules, commands, or wishes Example:Abide by the rules.
verb: show respect towards


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