Definition of abide by Pronunciation
1. By
I don't want to abide by him, so I'll wait over there.
He knows how I feel, but I'll show him that I can abide by not complaining about his plans in front of the junior staff.
2. To accept (a decision or law) and act in accordance with it; to conform to (a decision or law); to acquiesce to (a decision or law).
I don't agree with it, but I'll abide by the decision to give the reward to her.
The defendent has abided by my ruling in good faith.
3. To remain faithful to (something or someone); to adhere to (an idea or plan).
He may have shown his true colors, but he's supported me for years, so I'll abide by him.
She has served me loyally, abiding by my rule for almost my entire life.
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English - English - abide by Pronunciation
obey, comply with -
English - Spanish - abide by Pronunciation
cumplir con, acatar, allanarse a, avenirse a, observar
English - French - abide by Pronunciation
tenir (promesse), rester fidèle à; obéir à, se conformer à, se soumettre à
English - German - abide by Pronunciation
festhalten an, treu bleiben
English - Italian - abide by Pronunciation
tenere fede a; attendersi a
English - Polish - abide by Pronunciation
v. dotrzymywać, przestrzegać
English - Portuguese - abide by Pronunciation
agir de acordo com, obedecer a
English - Romanian - abide by Pronunciation
v. rămâne credincios, accepta, menţine
English - Russian - abide by Pronunciation
г. твердо придерживаться, оставаться верным, последовать, следовать, соблюдать
English - Turkish - abide by Pronunciation
bağlı kalmak, uymak, tutmak
English - Ukrainian - abide by Pronunciation
v. додержуватися
English - Dutch - abide by Pronunciation
werken volgens-, gehoorzamen aan-
English - Greek - abide by Pronunciation
εμμένω, διαμένω με, τηρώ
English - Arabic - abide by Pronunciation
‏زعن، إستجاب، تقيد، إحترم‏
English - Chinese - abide by Pronunciation
遵守, 坚持
English - Chinese - abide by Pronunciation
遵守, 堅持
English - Hindi - abide by Pronunciation
v. राह देखना
English - Japanese - abide by Pronunciation
English - Korean - abide by Pronunciation
지키다, 복종하다

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