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English English - Definition of abideth 
[abideth (abide) ] v. stay; live, dwell; continue; tolerate, put up with; wait; comply, submit, obey, conform
Spanish English To Spanish - abideth 
[abideth (abide) ] v. Obediente
French English To French - abideth 
[abideth (abide) ] v. rester, demeurer; résider; tenir (promesse); tolérer; se conformer à, se soumettre à; repecter; obéir; attendre; maintenir, continuer
German English To German - abideth 
abide) ] v. gehorchen, treu bleiben
Italian English To Italian - abideth 
[abideth (abide) ] v. rimanere, dimorare; tollerare; rispettare, accettare; conformarsi
Portuguese English To Portuguese - abideth 
[abideth (abide) ] v. ficar, permanecer; morar, habitar, residir; continuar; tolerar, aguentar; esperar; obedecer, cumprir, aceder
Dutch English To Dutch - abideth 
[abideth (abide) ] ww. blijven; zich houden aan; trouw blijven aan; doorstaan, het hoofd bieden aan; opvangen, dulden, verduren; verdragen
Japanese English To Japanese - abideth 
[abideth (abide) ] (動) とどまる; 居住する; 継続する; 我慢する; 待つ; 従う


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