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English English - Definition of ablactate 
v. wean, break a child or young animal from its mother's milk
Spanish English To Spanish - ablactate 
v. destetar, cortarle la leche materna a un niño o a una cría animal
French English To French - ablactate 
v. sevrer, cesser d'allaiter un enfant ou un animal et lui faire prendre une nourriture plus solide
German English To German - ablactate 
v. Ablaktieren, ein Kind oder junges Tier von der Muttermilch entwöhnen
Italian English To Italian - ablactate 
v. slattare, svezzare, divezzare un bambino o un cucciolo di animale dal latte materno
Portuguese English To Portuguese - ablactate 
v. desamamentar
Russian English To Russian - ablactate 
(v) отнимать от груди
Dutch English To Dutch - ablactate 
ww. spenen, borst : van de borst nemen
Greek English To Greek - ablactate 
Ρημ. απογαλακτίζω, αποκόβω το μωρό.
Japanese English To Japanese - ablactate 
(動) 断乳する


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