Definition of able-bodied Pronunciation
1. Having a sound, strong body; physically competent; robust; fit for service.
2. Capable of performing all requisite duties, as a seaman, specifically in the Royal Navy a rating between leading and ordinary.
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English - English - able-bodied Pronunciation
healthy, physically fit
English - Spanish - able-bodied Pronunciation
Robusto, Sano
English - French - able-bodied Pronunciation
sain, en forme
English - German - able-bodied Pronunciation
tauglich, kräftig
English - Indonesian - able-bodied Pronunciation
a. bercacat: sehat dan tdk bercacat
English - Italian - able-bodied Pronunciation
robusto, forte, sano; (Mil) idoneo; (Mar) scelto
English - Polish - able-bodied Pronunciation
a. zdolny do służby {wojsk.}, krzepki
English - Portuguese - able-bodied Pronunciation
são, saudável, em boa forma física
English - Romanian - able-bodied Pronunciation
a. apt, sănătos, teafăr
English - Russian - able-bodied Pronunciation
a. 1. крепкий, здоровый; годный (к военной службе); able-bodied seaman - матрос (звание) 2. эк. трудоспособный
English - Turkish - able-bodied Pronunciation
s. güçlü kuvvetli, sağlam, askerliğe uygun
English - Ukrainian - able-bodied Pronunciation
a. міцний, працездатний, здоровий
English - Dutch - able-bodied Pronunciation
English - Greek - able-bodied Pronunciation
ουσ. αρτιμελήσ, υγιήσ
επίθ. αρτιμελήσ, γερόσ, εύρωστοσ, ικανόσ, σωματικόσ
English - Arabic - able-bodied Pronunciation
‏قوي البنية، متين، قوي‏
English - Chinese - able-bodied Pronunciation
健壮的; 熟练的
English - Chinese - able-bodied Pronunciation
健壯的; 熟練的
English - Hindi - able-bodied Pronunciation
a. पुष्ट शरीरवाला
English - Japanese - able-bodied Pronunciation
English - Vietnamese - able-bodied Pronunciation
a. dủng mạnh, khỏe mạnh, cường tráng

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