Definition of abloom Pronunciation
1. In or into bloom; in a blooming state; having flower blooms unfolding.
2. Blooming; covered in flowers.
3. Having something growing or grown.
4. Thriving in health, beauty, and vigor; exhibiting youth-like beauty.
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English - English - abloom Pronunciation
adj. in bloom, flowering, blossoming
English - Spanish - abloom Pronunciation
adj. floreciente, en flor, florido
English - French - abloom Pronunciation
adj. fleuri
English - German - abloom Pronunciation
adj. blühend
English - Italian - abloom Pronunciation
agg. in fiore, in sboccio
English - Polish - abloom Pronunciation
a. kwitnący
adv. kwiat: w kwiatach
English - Portuguese - abloom Pronunciation
adj. florescente, florido
English - Romanian - abloom Pronunciation
adv. floare: în floare
English - Russian - abloom Pronunciation
прил. цветущий, расцветший
English - Turkish - abloom Pronunciation
s. çiçekli
zf. çiçeklerle dolu
English - Ukrainian - abloom Pronunciation
adv. цвіт: у цвіту
English - Dutch - abloom Pronunciation
bn. bloeiend, in bloei
English - Greek - abloom Pronunciation
επίρ. κατά την διάρκεια της άνθησης
English - Arabic - abloom Pronunciation
English - Chinese - abloom Pronunciation
(形) 开花的
English - Chinese - abloom Pronunciation
(形) 開花的
English - Hindi - abloom Pronunciation
adv. फूलने की अवस्था में
English - Japanese - abloom Pronunciation
(形) 開花した, 花盛りの
English - Korean - abloom Pronunciation
형. 꽃이 피는, 개화하는
English - Vietnamese - abloom Pronunciation
adv. nở hoa

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