Definition of abnormality Pronunciation
1. The state or quality of being abnormal; variation; irregularity.
2. Something abnormal; an aberration; an abnormal occurrence or feature.
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English - English - abnormality Pronunciation
n. state of being abnormal; irregularity, abnormal feature
English - Spanish - abnormality Pronunciation
s. anormalidad, deformidad; anomalía, irregularidad, desviación del orden natural; monstruo, monstruosidad
English - French - abnormality Pronunciation
n. anomalie; irrégularité
English - German - abnormality Pronunciation
n. Abweichung; Abnormalität
English - Indonesian - abnormality Pronunciation
n. kelainan, ketidaknormalan, abnormalitas, keabnormalan
English - Italian - abnormality Pronunciation
s. anormalità, anomalia, irregolarità
English - Polish - abnormality Pronunciation
n. anormalność, nieprawidłowość, nienormalność, potworność
English - Portuguese - abnormality Pronunciation
s. anormalidade, anomalia, deformidade, monstruosidade, aberração
English - Romanian - abnormality Pronunciation
n. anomalie, deviere
English - Russian - abnormality Pronunciation
с. ненормальность, неправильность, аномалия; уродство
English - Turkish - abnormality Pronunciation
i. anormallik, olağandışılık
English - Ukrainian - abnormality Pronunciation
n. ненормальність, анормальність, неправильність, аномалія, потворність
English - Dutch - abnormality Pronunciation
zn. buitensporigheid; abnormaliteit
English - Greek - abnormality Pronunciation
ουσ. αντικανονικότητα, δυσμορφία, ανωμαλία
English - Arabic - abnormality Pronunciation
English - Chinese - abnormality Pronunciation
(名) 异常, 反常; 畸形; 变态; 反常的事物
English - Chinese - abnormality Pronunciation
(名) 異常, 反常; 畸形; 變態; 反常的事物
English - Hindi - abnormality Pronunciation
n. व्यतिक्रम, विषमता
English - Japanese - abnormality Pronunciation
(名) 異常; 変則; 奇形
English - Korean - abnormality Pronunciation
명. 이상
English - Vietnamese - abnormality Pronunciation
n. kỳ quái, quái vật, kỳ hình, kỳ dị

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Synonyms for abnormality
aberration: irregularity, anomaly, curiosity, eccentricity, oddity, peculiarity, uniqueness