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English English - Definition of abolitionism 
n. principles held by abolitionists; opposition to slavery
Spanish English To Spanish - abolitionism 
s. abolicionismo
French English To French - abolitionism 
n. abolitionnisme
German English To German - abolitionism 
n. Abschaffung
Italian English To Italian - abolitionism 
s. (storia amer.) abolizionismo, teoria che propugna l'abolizione della schiavitù
Portuguese English To Portuguese - abolitionism 
s. abolicionismo, oposição à escravatura
Russian English To Russian - abolitionism 
с. аболиционизм
Turkish English To Turkish - abolitionism 
i. köleliğin kaldırılması akımı, kaldırma akımı
Dutch English To Dutch - abolitionism 
zn. het principe van de afschaffing
Greek English To Greek - abolitionism 
ουσ. κίνηση προς κατάργηση άδικων νομών ή έθιμων
ChineseS English To ChineseS - abolitionism 
(名) 废除主义; 废除黑奴主义
ChineseT English To ChineseT - abolitionism 
(名) 廢除主義; 廢除黑奴主義
Japanese English To Japanese - abolitionism 
(名) 廃止論; 奴隷制度廃止論
noun: the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery


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