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English English - Definition of aborigines 
[Aborigine] n. member of the dark-skinned people indigenous to Australia
n. native, indigenous person, member of a people considered to be the original inhabitants of a region
n. aborigine, native, member of a people considered to be the original inhabitants of a region
Spanish English To Spanish - aborigines 
[Aborigine] s. aborigen, miembro del pueblo de "piel-oscura" en Australia
s. Aborigeno, originario del lugar
French English To French - aborigines 
[Aborigine] n. Aborigène, membre de peau foncée formant le peuple indigène d'Australie
n. aborigène
German English To German - aborigines 
[Aborigine] n. Aboriginie, Mitglied der Ureinwohner Australiens
n. Ureinwohner
Italian English To Italian - aborigines 
[Aborigine] s. aborigeno, popolazione indigena dell'Australia
s. aborigeno, autoctono, indigeno
Portuguese English To Portuguese - aborigines 
[Aborigine] s. aborígena, membro do povo nativo da Austrália, indígena australiano
s. aborígine, nativo, indígena
Russian English To Russian - aborigines 
[Aborigine] с. коренной житель Австралии; абориген
с. туземец, абориген, коренной житель
Turkish English To Turkish - aborigines 
i. bitki örtüsü, yerli halk, yöresel hayvanlar
Dutch English To Dutch - aborigines 
[Aborigine] zn. afstammeling van donkerhuidige mensen afkomstig uit Australië
zn. Australische inboorling
Greek English To Greek - aborigines 
ουσ. αυτοχθόνες της αυστραλίας, ιθαγενείς της αυστραλίας, αβοριγίνες, ιθαγενείς, αυτοχθόνες, ιθαγενή φυτά και ζώα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - aborigines 
[aborigine] (名) 土著居民; 土生动物群
ChineseT English To ChineseT - aborigines 
[aborigine] (名) 土著居民; 土生動物群
Japanese English To Japanese - aborigines 
[Aborigine] (名) アボリジニ, オーストラリアの原住民
(名) 原住民, その土地に元から住んでいる人
Korean English To Korean - aborigines 
[aborigine] 명. 원주민
(n.) The earliest known inhabitants of a country; native races.
(n.) The original fauna and flora of a geographical area .


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