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English English - Definition of abruption 
n. occurrence of abruptly breaking away or off
Spanish English To Spanish - abruption 
ruptura, abrupción
French English To French - abruption 
n. brusquerie, précipitation; raideur (d'une pente) rupture, soudain arrêt
German English To German - abruption 
n. Abbruch, plötzliches Aufhören von etwas
Italian English To Italian - abruption 
s. ripidezza, scoscesità; repentinità, fulmineità
Portuguese English To Portuguese - abruption 
s. ocorrência abrupta, interrupção repentina
Russian English To Russian - abruption 
с. разрыв, разъединение, выход на поверхность, отторжение
Turkish English To Turkish - abruption 
Albanian English To Albanian - abruption 
n. shkëputje
Dutch English To Dutch - abruption 
zn. het plotseling afbreken
Greek English To Greek - abruption 
ουσ. απόσπαση τμήματος μάζας, αποκόλληση, αποκοπή, ρήξη
Japanese English To Japanese - abruption 
(名) 急な分離
Korean English To Korean - abruption 
명. 중단, 분리
noun: an instance of breaking off suddenly


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