n. something definite, something absolute
adj. complete, perfect; pure; unlimited; definite, positive; not relative
n. absolute, something definite, something absolute
English - Spanish - absolute Pronunciation
s. absoluto
adj. absoluto, certísimo, inconcuso, incontrovertible, incuestionable, indiscutible, indisputable, indubitable, innegable, irrebatible, irrefragable, rotundo, perfecto; tiránico
English - French - absolute Pronunciation
n. absolu
adj. absolu, (parfait, illimité)
English - German - absolute Pronunciation
n. absolut
adj. absolut, endgültig
English - Italian - absolute Pronunciation
s. l'assoluto
agg. assoluto, completo, perfetto; illimitato; definito
English - Portuguese - absolute Pronunciation
s. absoluto
adj. absoluto (completo, ilimitado, acima de todos)
English - Russian - absolute Pronunciation
с. полный; абсолютный, безусловный
прил. полный, неограниченный, абсолютный; безусловный, беспримесный, чистый; самовластный; безотносительный
English - Turkish - absolute Pronunciation
s. mutlâk, kesin, tam, salt; kayıtsız şartsız, sınırsız; saf; katışıksız
German - English - absolute Pronunciation
n. absolute
English - Albanian - absolute Pronunciation
n. absolutësi [filoz.]
adj. absolut, përkryer: i përkryer, pastër: i pastër, pakufizuar: i pakufizuar, padyshimtë: i padyshimtë, real
English - Dutch - absolute Pronunciation
zn. absoluut, totaal
bn. zeker, absoluut (heel, onbegrensd)
English - Greek - absolute Pronunciation
επίθ. απεριόριστος, απόλυτος, άνευ όρων, απολυταρχικός, δεσποτικός, αυθύπαρκτος, πλήρης, αναμφισβήτητος
German - French - absolute Pronunciation
n. absolu (m)
German - Italian - absolute Pronunciation
n. assoluto (m)
Dutch - French - absolute Pronunciation
(algemeen) absolu (m)
German - Dutch - absolute Pronunciation
absolute ,absoluut
English - Chinese - absolute Pronunciation
(名) 绝对事物; 绝对
(形) 纯粹的; 绝对的; 完全的; 专制的
English - Chinese - absolute Pronunciation
(名) 絕對事物; 絕對
(形) 純粹的; 絕對的; 完全的; 專制的
English - Japanese - absolute Pronunciation
(名) 絶対的なもの, 絶対不変の性質
(形) 完全な; 純粋な; 無制限の; 絶対の; 無関係な
English - Korean - absolute Pronunciation
명. 절대적인 것
형. 절대의, 무조건의; 순수한;단연 ... 한;결정적인
German - Chinese - absolute Pronunciation
noun: something that is conceived to be absolute; something that does not depends on anything else and is beyond human control Example:No mortal being can influence the absolute.
adjective: perfect or complete or pure Example:Absolute loyalty.
adjective: not capable of being violated or infringed
adjective: complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers Example:Absolute freedom.
adjective: without conditions or limitations
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