Definition of absolutize Pronunciation
1. To make absolute.
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English - English - absolutize Pronunciation
[absolutize (Amer.) ] v. make absolute; declare perfect; change into an absolute (also absolutise)
English - Spanish - absolutize Pronunciation
hacer absoluto (algo), dar una importancia absoluta (a algo), declarar algo perfecto o completo, absolutizar
English - German - absolutize Pronunciation
Amer.) ] v. absolutisieren, absolut machen; für perfekt erklären; endgültig machen
English - Italian - absolutize Pronunciation
[absolutize (Amer.) ] v. assolutizzare, dichiarare perfetto
English - Polish - absolutize Pronunciation
v. absolutyzować
English - Portuguese - absolutize Pronunciation
[absolutize (Amer.) ] v. tornar absoluto; declarar como perfeito (inglês britânico: absolutise)
English - Russian - absolutize Pronunciation
(v) абсолютизировать; возвести в абсолют; возводить в абсолют
English - Dutch - absolutize Pronunciation
[absolutize (Amer.) ] ww. absoluut maken; perfect verklaren (ook "absolutise")
English - Japanese - absolutize Pronunciation
[absolutize (Amer.) ] (動) 完全にする; 完全であると宣言する; 絶対化する

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Verb forms for absolutize
Present participle: absolutizing
Present: absolutize (3.person: absolutizes)
Past: absolutized
Future: will absolutize
Present conditional: would absolutize
Present Perfect: have absolutized (3.person: has absolutized)
Past Perfect: had absolutized
Future Perfect: will have absolutized
Past conditional: would have absolutized