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English English - Definition of absolver 
n. one who acquits; one who forgives, one who grants pardon; one who releases another from a responsibility or duty
v. absolve, acquit; release; clear
v. absolve, acquit, exculpate
Spanish English To Spanish - absolver 
s. absolvedor; perdonador
French English To French - absolver 
n. personne qui pardonne, qui absout
German English To German - absolver 
n. Vergeber, Entbinder (von Versprechen); Lossprecher
Italian English To Italian - absolver 
s. assolutore
Portuguese English To Portuguese - absolver 
s. aquele que absolve; aquele que perdoa
English Portuguese To English - absolver 
v. absolve, acquit, exculpate
English Spanish To English - absolver 
[absolver] v. absolve, acquit; release; clear
Dutch English To Dutch - absolver 
zn. degene die vergeeft,degene die kwijtscheldt;degene die ontheft
Greek English To Greek - absolver 
ουσ. αθωώτης
Japanese English To Japanese - absolver 
(名) 無罪宣告人; 開放する人; 免除する人
Korean English To Korean - absolver 
명. 면제해 주는 사람; 용서하는 사람; 책임이나 의무를 해제해 주는 사람
French Portuguese To French - absolver 
1. (culpa) acquitter; pardonner; gracier
2. (punição) ne pas punir; faire grâce à
3. (direito) absoudre; acquitter; pardonner; gracier; blanchir; innocenter 4. (religião) absoudre; pardonner
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - absolver 
v. 宣告無罪 (xuan1 gao4 wu2 zuı4)
French Spanish To French - absolver 
1. (culpa) acquitter; pardonner; gracier
2. (derecho) absoudre; acquitter; pardonner; gracier; blanchir; innocenter
3. (religión) absoudre; pardonner
German Spanish To German - absolver 
v. freisprechen, lossprechen, absolution erteilen, absolvieren
Korean Spanish To Korean - absolver 
v. 방면하다
Russian Spanish To Russian - absolver 
v. оправдывать


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