Definition of abyssinian cat Pronunciation
1. A domestic breed of cat with long ears, short hair and a black stripe along the spine.
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English - English - abyssinian cat Pronunciation
[Abyssinian cat] n. breed of slender cat with long ears and short brown hair with grey spots
English - Spanish - abyssinian cat Pronunciation
s. gato abisinio, raza de gato alto y delgado con orejas largas y pelaje corto de color marrón con manchas grises
English - German - abyssinian cat Pronunciation
[Abyssinian cat] n. Abyssinian, Katze mit langen Ohren und graugeflecktem braunem Fell
English - Portuguese - abyssinian cat Pronunciation
s. gato abissínio, raça de gatos
English - Turkish - abyssinian cat Pronunciation
habeş kedisi
English - Dutch - abyssinian cat Pronunciation
[Abyssinian cat] zn. ras van katten met lange oren en kort bruin haar met grijze spikkels
English - Japanese - abyssinian cat Pronunciation
(名) アビシニアン, 細身で長い耳と短い茶色の毛とグレーの斑点があるネコ

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