Definition of accentor Pronunciation
1. Prunella, a genus of European birds (so named from their sweet notes), including the hedge warbler. In America sometimes applied to the water thrushes.
2. One who sings the leading part; the director or leader.
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English - English - accentor Pronunciation
n. Eurasian and African songbird that resemble the sparrow
English - Spanish - accentor Pronunciation
(bird) acentor alpino
English - French - accentor Pronunciation
n. accenteur, petit oiseau chanteur qui ressemble au passereau
English - German - accentor Pronunciation
n. Braunelle, eurasischer und afrikanischer Singvogel dem Spatzen ähnlich
English - Italian - accentor Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - accentor Pronunciation
s. tipo de passarinho cantante nativo da África e Eurásia
English - Russian - accentor Pronunciation
завирушка; солирующий певец
English - Greek - accentor Pronunciation
Ουσ. σπουργίτι, στρουθί.
English - Chinese - accentor Pronunciation
n. 领唱者 (lıng3 chang4 zhe3), 鸣禽 (mıng2 qın2)
English - Chinese - accentor Pronunciation
n. 領唱者 (lıng3 chang4 zhe3), 鳴禽 (mıng2 qın2)
English - Japanese - accentor Pronunciation
(名) ユーラシアまたはアフリカのスズメのような鳥

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