[accent] n. mode of pronunciation characteristic of a group of people or region; emphasis placed on a certain syllable in a word; mark on a letter or word showing stress or pitch; emphasis; contrasting element
v. make prominent; stress; emphasize
n. accent, note, twang
English - Spanish - accents Pronunciation
[accent] s. acento, tilde; deje, dejo, modulación, pronunciación, tonillo, tono; énfasis, acentuación
v. acentuar, colocar el acento sobre, colocar los acentos sobre
English - French - accents Pronunciation
[accent] n. accent; mise en relief; accentuation
v. accentuer; appuyer, mettre en relief
English - German - accents Pronunciation
[accent] n. Akzent; Betonung
v. betonen; mit einem Akzent versehen
English - Italian - accents Pronunciation
[accent] s. accento; accento straniero; tono, intonazione, cadenza; enfasi, rilievo, risalto; (mat.) apice;
v. accentare, mettere l'accento su; (fig) accentuare, sottolineare, mettere in evidenza, porre in rilievo
English - Portuguese - accents Pronunciation
[accent] s. acentuação, acento; sotaque; tom, inflexão da voz
v. acentuar; pronunciar com ênfase
English - Russian - accents Pronunciation
[accent] с. ударение, знак ударения, произношение, акцент, отличительный признак, главная черта, речь, язык
г. делать ударение, ставить ударение, акцентировать; подчеркивать
English - Turkish - accents Pronunciation
i. aksan, aksan işaretleri, şive
English - Albanian - accents Pronunciation
n. shqiptim
English - Dutch - accents Pronunciation
[accent] zn. accent; aandacht; nadruk
ww. er op wijzen; accentueren; nadruk leggen op
English - Greek - accents Pronunciation
[accent] ουσ. τόνος, προφορά
ρήμ. τονίζω
English - Chinese - accents Pronunciation
[accent] (名) 重音; 口音, 腔调; 重音符号; 声调
(动) 重读; 强调, 极力主张, 着重; 带...口音讲话
English - Chinese - accents Pronunciation
[accent] (名) 重音; 口音, 腔調; 重音符號; 聲調
(動) 重讀; 強調, 極力主張, 著重; 帶...口音講話
English - Japanese - accents Pronunciation
[accent] (名) なまり, 人々や地域による発音の特徴; 言葉の確実な音節を強調すること; アクセント符号をつけること; 強調すること; 構成要素を対比させること
(動) アクセントを置く; アクセント符号を付ける; 強調する
English - Korean - accents Pronunciation
[accent] 명. 사람이나 지역의 독특한 발음양식; 단어에서의 액센트; 강조
동. 악센트를 두다; 강조하다
noun: a diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation
noun: distinctive manner of oral expression Example:He couldn't suppress his contemptuous accent.
noun: special importance or significance Example:The room was decorated in shades of gray with distinctive red accents.
noun: the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch)
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