Definition of accentuate Pronunciation
1. To pronounce with an accent or vocal stress.
2. To bring out distinctly; to make more noticeable or prominent; to emphasize.
3. To mark with a written accent.
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English - English - accentuate Pronunciation
v. stress, emphasize, accent
v. stress, emphasize, accentuate
adj. emphatic, stressed, pronounced
English - Spanish - accentuate Pronunciation
v. acentuar, agudizar, intensificar; realzar, recalcar; subrayar
English - French - accentuate Pronunciation
v. accentuer, préciser
English - German - accentuate Pronunciation
v. betonen, akzentuieren, mit einem Akzent versehen
English - Italian - accentuate Pronunciation
v. accentuare, sottolineare, mettere in rilievo, dare rilievo a; accentare
English - Portuguese - accentuate Pronunciation
v. acentuar; grifar; sobressair
English - Russian - accentuate Pronunciation
г. делать ударение, подчеркивать, выделять, акцентировать
English - Turkish - accentuate Pronunciation
f. vurgulamak, vurgulu okumak; üzerinde durmak
English - Dutch - accentuate Pronunciation
ww. benadrukken, de nadruk leggen op
English - Greek - accentuate Pronunciation
ρήμ. τονίζω
English - Chinese - accentuate Pronunciation
(动) 强调, 以重音念, 重读
English - Chinese - accentuate Pronunciation
(動) 強調, 以重音念, 重讀
English - Japanese - accentuate Pronunciation
(動) アクセントを置く, 強調する
English - Korean - accentuate Pronunciation
동. 강조하다, 역설하다, 액센트를 주다

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Synonyms for accentuate
emphasise: emphasize, stress, accent, intensify, feature, underline
Verb forms for accentuate
Present participle: accentuating
Present: accentuate (3.person: accentuates)
Past: accentuated
Future: will accentuate
Present conditional: would accentuate
Present Perfect: have accentuated (3.person: has accentuated)
Past Perfect: had accentuated
Future Perfect: will have accentuated
Past conditional: would have accentuated