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English English - Definition of accomplishments 
[accomplishment] n. fulfillment, realization; performance; characteristic; virtue, merit; achievement, attainment
Spanish English To Spanish - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] s. logro, cumplimiento, lucimiento, realización; en plural, habilidades, talentos, prendas
French English To French - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] n. accomplissement, achèvement; réalisation
German English To German - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] n. Ausführung, Durchführung, Vollbringung
Italian English To Italian - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] s. realizzazione, adempimento; risultato, impresa; qualità, dote; talento
Portuguese English To Portuguese - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] s. realização; feito; consumação
Russian English To Russian - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] с. выполнение, завершение, достижение; воспитание, образованность
Turkish English To Turkish - accomplishments 
i. kabiliyet, yetenek, beceri
Dutch English To Dutch - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] zn. verwerkelijking; missie;kostbaar bezit; goede eigenschap
Greek English To Greek - accomplishments 
ουσ. προσόντα υπαλλήλου, επιτεύγματα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] (名) 成就; 教养, 才艺; 成绩; 造诣
ChineseT English To ChineseT - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] (名) 成就; 教養, 才藝; 成績; 造詣
Japanese English To Japanese - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] (名) 遂行; 実行; 特徴; 長所
Korean English To Korean - accomplishments 
[accomplishment] 명. 성취, 성과, 달성, 성사; 예능, 특징; 교양


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