Definition of according to Pronunciation
1. Based on what is said or stated by; on the authority of.
According to the directions, the glue takes 24 hours to dry.
2. In a manner conforming or corresponding to; in proportion
3. Depending on.
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English - English - according to Pronunciation
under, in accord with
English - Spanish - according to Pronunciation
según, con arreglo a, conforme a, conforme con, de acuerdo a, de acuerdo con
English - French - according to Pronunciation
en fonction de, en accord avec, d'après, selon, comme
English - German - according to Pronunciation
demnach, auf Grund
English - Indonesian - according to Pronunciation
prep. menurut, sesuai dgn, mengikut
English - Italian - according to Pronunciation
English - Polish - according to Pronunciation
prep. zgodnie z, według
English - Portuguese - according to Pronunciation
de acordo com
English - Romanian - according to Pronunciation
prep. după, potrivit, conform cu, conformitate: în conformitate cu, funcţie: în funcţie de
English - Russian - according to Pronunciation
в соответствии с, соответственно с, согласно, сообразно; по мнению, по словам, по утверждению
English - Turkish - according to Pronunciation
English - Ukrainian - according to Pronunciation
prep. відповідно до, залежно від, за, згодно
English - Dutch - according to Pronunciation
naar gelang, overeenkomstig aan-
English - Greek - according to Pronunciation
σύμφωνα με
English - Arabic - according to Pronunciation
‏وفق، وفقا لكذا، بحسب‏
English - Chinese - according to Pronunciation
根据; 取决于; 按照; 据...所载
English - Chinese - according to Pronunciation
根據; 取決於; 按照; 據...所載
English - Hindi - according to Pronunciation
prep. अनुसार: के अनुसार, समान: के समान, यथा
English - Japanese - according to Pronunciation
…によれば; 従って; 応じて
English - Korean - according to Pronunciation
... 에 따라, ...하에
English - Vietnamese - according to Pronunciation
n. đống ý vấn đề

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