Definition of acephalia Pronunciation
1. A birth defect in which the head is absent
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English - English - acephalia Pronunciation
n. lack of a head, absence of a head
English - Spanish - acephalia Pronunciation
s. acefalía, acefalismo, ausencia de cabeza
English - French - acephalia Pronunciation
n. acéphale, sans tête de naissance
English - German - acephalia Pronunciation
n. Kopflosigkeit, Azephalie
English - Italian - acephalia Pronunciation
s. acefalia (mostruosità consistente nella mancanza di testa o parte della testa)
English - Portuguese - acephalia Pronunciation
s. acefalia, ausência congênita de encéfalo, sem cabeça
English - Turkish - acephalia Pronunciation
English - Dutch - acephalia Pronunciation
zn. zonder hoofd, ontwikkelingsafwijking van vrucht, waarbij het hoofd ontbreekt
English - Japanese - acephalia Pronunciation
(名) 頭部がないこと

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