Definition of ache Pronunciation
1. To suffer pain; to be the source of, or be in, pain, especially continued dull pain; to be distressed.
2. To cause someone or something to suffer pain.
3. Continued dull pain, as distinguished from sudden twinges, or spasmodic pain.
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English - English - ache Pronunciation
v. suffer from a continuous dull pain, hurt; miss, yearn for
n. continuous dull pain, hurt
n. celery, type of vegetable
English - Spanish - ache Pronunciation
v. doler
s. dolencia, achaque, dolor
English - French - ache Pronunciation
v. avoir mal; faire mal, languir
n. douleur, mal
English - German - ache Pronunciation
v. schmerzen, Schmerz empfinden; Sehnsucht haben
n. Schmerz, Weh
English - Italian - ache Pronunciation
v. far male, dolere; (fam) morire dalla voglia di
s. male, dolore
English - Portuguese - ache Pronunciation
v. doer; sentir dor; sentir saudades
s. dor; sentir dor
English - Russian - ache Pronunciation
г. болеть, разболеться, испытывать боль, ныть; жаждать, страстно стремиться
с. боль
English - Turkish - ache Pronunciation
f. sancımak, ağrımak, acımak, sızlamak
i. ağrı, sızı, sancı, acı
French - English - ache Pronunciation
(f) n. celery, type of vegetable
German - English - ache Pronunciation
n. continuous dull pain, hurt
English - Dutch - ache Pronunciation
ww. pijn lijden, pijn voelen; verlangen
zn. pijn; leed
English - Greek - ache Pronunciation
ρήμ. πονώ
ουσ. πόνος
German - Turkish - ache Pronunciation
agrimak, agri, sanci
English - Chinese - ache Pronunciation
(动) 渴望; 觉得疼痛
(名) 疼痛
English - Chinese - ache Pronunciation
(動) 渴望; 覺得疼痛
(名) 疼痛
English - Japanese - ache Pronunciation
(動) 継続性の鈍痛に見舞われる, 痛む, うずく; 切望する
(名) 痛み, 鈍痛
English - Korean - ache Pronunciation
동. 지속적인 통증으로 고통받다, 쑤시다; 열망하다
명. 아픔,고통

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Synonyms for ache
1. hurt: pain, suffer, throb
2. pain: agony, twinge, pang, spasm
Verb forms for ache
Present participle: aching
Present: ache (3.person: aches)
Past: ached
Future: will ache
Present conditional: would ache
Present Perfect: have ached (3.person: has ached)
Past Perfect: had ached
Future Perfect: will have ached
Past conditional: would have ached