Definition of acholuria Pronunciation
1. A lack of bile pigments in the urine
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English - English - acholuria Pronunciation
n. absence of bile pigment in urine (Medicine)
English - Spanish - acholuria Pronunciation
s. acoluria (Med. - falta de pigmentos biliares en la orina)
English - French - acholuria Pronunciation
n. absence de bile colorée dans l'urine (médecine)
English - German - acholuria Pronunciation
n. Acholie (verminderte Bildung oder Ausscheidung von Galle in den Darm, erkennbar an der grauweißen Stuhlfarbe)
English - Italian - acholuria Pronunciation
s. assenza di pigmento biliare nell'urina (medicina)
English - Portuguese - acholuria Pronunciation
s. acolúria, falta de pigmentos biliares na urina (Medicina)
English - Turkish - acholuria Pronunciation
English - Dutch - acholuria Pronunciation
zn. acholuria (in geneeskunde - gebrek aan galkleurstof in urine)
English - Chinese - acholuria Pronunciation
(名) 无胆尿
English - Chinese - acholuria Pronunciation
(名) 無膽尿
English - Japanese - acholuria Pronunciation
(名) 無胆汁尿(医学)

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