Definition of acquire Pronunciation
1. Locate (a moving entity) by means of a tracking system such as radar.
2. Gain knowledge or skills.
Children acquire language at an amazing rate.
3. Take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect.
4. Gain through experience.
5. Come into the possession of something concrete or abstract.
6. Win something through one's efforts.
7. Come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes).
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English - English - acquire Pronunciation
v. buy, purchase; obtain, attain
English - Spanish - acquire Pronunciation
v. adquirir, hacerse de, obtener, procurarse; contraer
English - French - acquire Pronunciation
v. acquérir; obtenir
English - German - acquire Pronunciation
v. anschaffen, erwerben
English - Indonesian - acquire Pronunciation
v. memperoleh, mendapat, mendapati, mendapatkan, mempersunting, pemilik: jadi pemilik, belajar
English - Italian - acquire Pronunciation
v. entrare in possesso di, acquisire, acquistare; conseguire, raggiungere, procurarsi
English - Polish - acquire Pronunciation
v. nabyć, zdobyć, osiągać, dokupić, otrzymać, przyswajać, nabrać, zyskać, posiadać, osiągnąć, dokupować, dokupywać, otrzymywać, zyskiwać, posiąść
English - Portuguese - acquire Pronunciation
v. adquirir; conseguir
English - Romanian - acquire Pronunciation
v. căpăta, dobândi, achiziţiona, obţine, procura, prinde, lua, strânge, contracta, agonisi, câştiga
English - Russian - acquire Pronunciation
г. купить, приобретать, получать; завести, заводить, нажить, обзаводиться; достигать, овладевать
English - Turkish - acquire Pronunciation
f. kazanmak, elde etmek, edinmek, sonradan kazanmak
English - Ukrainian - acquire Pronunciation
v. набувати, здобувати, одержувати, досягати, оволодівати, добувати, досягти, заводити, надбавати, надбати, наживати, напахати, одержати, отримувати, придбати, приживати
English - Dutch - acquire Pronunciation
ww. verwerven; verkrijgen
English - Greek - acquire Pronunciation
ρήμ. αποκτώ
English - Arabic - acquire Pronunciation
‏إكتسب، حصل، أحرز، نال، كسب‏
English - Chinese - acquire Pronunciation
(动) 获得, 取得; 养成; 学到; 捕获
English - Chinese - acquire Pronunciation
(動) 獲得, 取得; 養成; 學到; 捕獲
English - Hindi - acquire Pronunciation
v. प्राप्त करना, अधिकार करना
English - Japanese - acquire Pronunciation
(動) 買う; 習得する; 手に入れる
English - Korean - acquire Pronunciation
동. 얻다, 취득하다; 매입하다
English - Vietnamese - acquire Pronunciation
v. mua được, thâu được, thói quen

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for acquire
1. achieve: accomplish
2. get: appropriate, attain, earn, gain, obtain, procure, secure
Verb forms for acquire
Present participle: acquiring
Present: acquire (3.person: acquires)
Past: acquired
Future: will acquire
Present conditional: would acquire
Present Perfect: have acquired (3.person: has acquired)
Past Perfect: had acquired
Future Perfect: will have acquired
Past conditional: would have acquired