n. section of land measured in acres; fields, estate, land
English - Spanish - acreage Pronunciation
s. número de acres, acreaje, extensión, superficie
English - French - acreage Pronunciation
n. aire; surface cultivée en arpents (unité de superficie=un demi-hectare)
English - German - acreage Pronunciation
n. Morgen (Landfläche)
English - Italian - acreage Pronunciation
s. superficie in acri, numero d'acri
English - Portuguese - acreage Pronunciation
s. tamanho da área em acres (medida de área)
English - Russian - acreage Pronunciation
с. площадь в акрах, акр, площадь
English - Turkish - acreage Pronunciation
i. arazinin büyüklüğü, yüzölçümü
English - Albanian - acreage Pronunciation
n. sipërfaqe në akra
English - Dutch - acreage Pronunciation
zn. oppervlakte in hectaren (landmaat)
English - Greek - acreage Pronunciation
ουσ. έμβαδο στρεμμάτων, έμβαδο
Spanish - French - acreage Pronunciation
(medidas - pesos) superficie en acres
English - Chinese - acreage Pronunciation
(名) 英亩数; 以英亩计算的土地面积
English - Chinese - acreage Pronunciation
(名) 英畝數; 以英畝計算的土地面積
English - Japanese - acreage Pronunciation
(名) エーカー数での測定; 土地
English - Korean - acreage Pronunciation
명. 에이커 수, 에이커로 측정된 토지면적; 토지
noun: an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming) Example:He wanted some acreage to build on.
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Synonyms for acreage
land: property, tract, realty, real estate, grounds, frontage