Definition of activated Pronunciation
1. (military) set up and placed on active assignment.
A newly activated unit.
2. Rendered active; e.g. rendered radioactive or luminescent or photosensitive or conductive.
3. (of e.g. a molecule) made reactive or more reactive.
4. (of sewage) treated with aeration and bacteria to aid decomposition.
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English - English - activated Pronunciation
[activate] v. set in motion, make active, start; speed up a reaction (Chemistry); make radioactive (Physics)
English - Spanish - activated Pronunciation
[activate] v. activar, accionar, meter acción a, mover, poner en marcha, en funcionamiento; desencadenar, provocar; excitarse
English - French - activated Pronunciation
[activate] v. activer
English - German - activated Pronunciation
[activate] v. starten, aktivieren
English - Indonesian - activated Pronunciation
v. mengaktifkan, menggerakkan, menggiatkan, menghidupkan, mempergiat, mempergiatkan, meradioaktifkan
English - Italian - activated Pronunciation
agg. attivato, attivo (chim., fisica)
English - Polish - activated Pronunciation
a. aktywowany
English - Portuguese - activated Pronunciation
[activate] v. ativar, acionar, fazer funcionar; acelerar uma reação (Química); tornar radioativo (Física)
English - Romanian - activated Pronunciation
v. activa, activiza, stimula, completa, organiza
English - Russian - activated Pronunciation
прил. активированный
English - Turkish - activated Pronunciation
[activate] f. etkinleştirmek, harekete geçirmek, aktif hale getirmek; kurmak (birlik)
English - Ukrainian - activated Pronunciation
a. активований
English - Dutch - activated Pronunciation
[activate] ww. aanzetten tot handeling
English - Greek - activated Pronunciation
[activate] ρήμ. θέτω εις ενέργειαν, δραστηριοποιώ
English - Arabic - activated Pronunciation
فعل, نشط, شغل, أعد, جهز, زود وحدة عسكرية
English - Chinese - activated Pronunciation
[activate] (动) 使活动起来; 使产生放射性; 使活化; 建成
English - Chinese - activated Pronunciation
[activate] (動) 使活動起來; 使產生放射性; 使活化; 建成
English - Japanese - activated Pronunciation
(形) 活性化する
English - Korean - activated Pronunciation
[activate] 동. 활동적으로 하다, 활성화하다; 반응을 빨리 일으키게 하다(화학); 방사능을 부여하다, 방사성으로 하다(물리)
English - Vietnamese - activated Pronunciation
v. hoạt động

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