Definition of actuality Pronunciation
1. The state of existing; existence
2. The quality of being actual or factual; fact
3. A short early motion picture
By 1903, the actuality film had reached its peak; in 1903, the Edison and Biograph companies, combined, registered three hundred fifty one actuality films for copyright protection. By 1908 that number had dropped to two. The Variety Stage collection
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English - English - actuality Pronunciation
n. state of being actual, reality
English - Spanish - actuality Pronunciation
s. actualidad, realidad, vigencia
English - French - actuality Pronunciation
n. réalité; actualité, fait
English - German - actuality Pronunciation
n. Wirklichkeit; Aktualität; Tatsache; Realität
English - Indonesian - actuality Pronunciation
n. sebenarnya: keadaan yg sebenarnya, sesungguhnya: keadaan yg sesungguhnya
English - Italian - actuality Pronunciation
s. realtà; (Cin, TV) attualità, documentario
English - Polish - actuality Pronunciation
n. rzeczywistość, realizm
English - Portuguese - actuality Pronunciation
s. realidade; atualidade
English - Russian - actuality Pronunciation
с. действительность, реальность, факты
English - Turkish - actuality Pronunciation
i. gerçeklik, aktüalite, güncellik
English - Ukrainian - actuality Pronunciation
n. дійсність, реальність, справжній: справжні умови, реалізм
English - Dutch - actuality Pronunciation
zn. actualiteit; feit; werkelijkheid
English - Greek - actuality Pronunciation
ουσ. πραγματικότητα, ρεαλισμός, επικαιρότητα
English - Arabic - actuality Pronunciation
‏حقيقة، الفعلية كون الشئ فعليا‏
English - Chinese - actuality Pronunciation
(名) 现实; 现状; 现实性; 事实, 真事
English - Chinese - actuality Pronunciation
(名) 現實; 現狀; 現實性; 事實, 真事
English - Hindi - actuality Pronunciation
n. सत्यता, यथार्थता
English - Japanese - actuality Pronunciation
(名) 現実, 現状
English - Korean - actuality Pronunciation
명. 현실, 현재
English - Vietnamese - actuality Pronunciation
n. có thật, hiện nay, bây giờ, thực ra

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Synonyms for actuality
existence: presence, life, reality, being, animation