Definition of adage Pronunciation
1. An old saying which has obtained credit by long use
2. An old saying which has been overused or considered a cliché; a trite maxim
“Like the poor cat i’ th’ adage” (Lady MacBeth)
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English - English - adage Pronunciation
n. proverb, maxim, traditional saying
n. adage, say, saying
English - Spanish - adage Pronunciation
s. adagio, decir popular, dicho, máxima, proverbio, refrán
English - French - adage Pronunciation
n. adage
English - German - adage Pronunciation
n. Sprichwort
English - Italian - adage Pronunciation
s. adagio, massima, sentenza
English - Portuguese - adage Pronunciation
s. adágio, provérbio; andamento lento
English - Russian - adage Pronunciation
с. пословица, поговорка, изречение
English - Turkish - adage Pronunciation
i. atasözü, özdeyiş
French - English - adage Pronunciation
(m) n. adage, say, saying
English - Dutch - adage Pronunciation
zn. spreekwoord, gezegde
English - Greek - adage Pronunciation
ουσ. γνωμικό, παροιμία
French - Spanish - adage Pronunciation
1. (proverbe) proverbio (m); adagio (m); refrán (m)
2. (maxime) adagio (m); refrán (m); proverbio (m)
French - German - adage Pronunciation
n. lebensweisheit, spruch
French - Italian - adage Pronunciation
1. (proverbe) proverbio (m); massima (f); adagio (m)
2. (maxime) adagio (m); massima (f); aforisma (m)
French - Portuguese - adage Pronunciation
1. (proverbe) provérbio (m); dito popular; ditado (m)
2. (maxime) aforismo (m); máxima (f)
French - Russian - adage Pronunciation
n. пословица (m), адажио (муз.) (m)
French - Turkish - adage Pronunciation
[le] özlü söz, atasözü gibi söz
French - Dutch - adage Pronunciation
1. (proverbe) spreekwoord (n); spreuk (m/f); gezegde (n); adagium (n)
2. (maxime) aforisme (n); spreekwoord (n); spreuk (m/f)
English - Chinese - adage Pronunciation
(名) 谚语; 古语; 格言; 箴言
English - Chinese - adage Pronunciation
(名) 諺語; 古語; 格言; 箴言
English - Japanese - adage Pronunciation
(名) 格言, ことわざ
English - Korean - adage Pronunciation
명. 금언

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Synonyms for adage
saying: maxim, proverb, cliché, motto, slogan, aphorism