Definition of adhere Pronunciation
1. Follow through or carry out a plan without deviation.
2. Be compatible or in accordance with.
You must adhere to the rules.
3. Be loyal to.
4. Be a devoted follower or supporter.
5. Stick to firmly.
Will this wallpaper adhere to the wall?.
6. Come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation.
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English - English - adhere Pronunciation
v. stick to, cling to; be devoted to (an idea, group, etc.)
v. adhere, cohere, add, join
English - Spanish - adhere Pronunciation
v. adherirse, pegarse
English - French - adhere Pronunciation
v. adhérer; adhérer à (un groupe)
English - German - adhere Pronunciation
v. sich daran halten (haften); sich einer Gruppe anzuschliessen
English - Indonesian - adhere Pronunciation
v. berlekat, melekat, tempel, menempel, melekap, membelengket, berlengket, melengket, melengketi, memaut, jerejak, taat, setia, mengikuti, mempergantungi, memperteguh, memperteguhkan, menganut, menganuti
English - Italian - adhere Pronunciation
v. aderire, attaccarsi; seguire, mantenersi fedele; accettare
English - Polish - adhere Pronunciation
v. lgnąć, przylgnąć, przylegać, czepiać się, przyczepić, przyrastać, należeć do czegoś, dotrzymywać, obstawać przy czymś
English - Portuguese - adhere Pronunciation
v. aderir; unir-se; juntar-se
English - Romanian - adhere Pronunciation
v. lipi: se lipi, adera
English - Russian - adhere Pronunciation
г. прилипать, приставать, приклеиваться, прирастать; придерживаться, твердо придерживаться, оставаться верным
English - Turkish - adhere Pronunciation
f. yapışmak, bağlanmak, bitiştirmek, bağlı kalmak, katılmak
English - Ukrainian - adhere Pronunciation
v. дотримуватися, вірний: бути вірним, прилипати, приставати, приклеюватися, злепнути, липнути, приростати
English - Dutch - adhere Pronunciation
ww. (aan)kleven; aanhangen, blijven bij
English - Greek - adhere Pronunciation
ρήμ. προσκολλιέμαι, εμμένω
English - Arabic - adhere Pronunciation
‏إلتصق، إلتحم، تقيد، خلص الولاء، إلتزم، إعتصم‏
English - Chinese - adhere Pronunciation
(动) 紧粘, 粘附; 坚持; 遵守; 依附, 追随
English - Chinese - adhere Pronunciation
(動) 緊粘, 粘附; 堅持; 遵守; 依附, 追隨
English - Hindi - adhere Pronunciation
v. चिपकना, दृढ़ रहना, लग जाना
English - Japanese - adhere Pronunciation
(動) くっつく; 固守する(考え, グループなど)
English - Korean - adhere Pronunciation
동. 들러붙다, 집착하다; 충실하다
English - Vietnamese - adhere Pronunciation
v. dính chặt vào, tham gia, trung thành

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for adhere
1. comply: obey, conform, heed, follow, observe
2. stick: hang, cling to, cohere, hold, fasten, attach, cleave
Verb forms for adhere
Present participle: adhering
Present: adhere (3.person: adheres)
Past: adhered
Future: will adhere
Present conditional: would adhere
Present Perfect: have adhered (3.person: has adhered)
Past Perfect: had adhered
Future Perfect: will have adhered
Past conditional: would have adhered