Definition of adhesive Pronunciation
1. Sticky; tenacious, as glutinous substances.
2. Apt or tending to adhere; clinging.
3. A substance, such as glue, that provides or promotes adhesion.
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English - English - adhesive Pronunciation
n. adhesive substance, substance which causes one thing to stick to another, glue
adj. tending to adhere, sticky; tenacious
adj. adhesive, adherent
English - Spanish - adhesive Pronunciation
s. adhesivo, pegamento, cola
adj. adhesivo, aglutinante, conglutinoso, engomado, pegajoso
English - French - adhesive Pronunciation
n. adhésif
adj. adhésif, collant
English - German - adhesive Pronunciation
n. Klebstoff
adj. haftend; ansteckend
English - Italian - adhesive Pronunciation
s. adesivo; (Filat) francobollo
agg. adesivo
English - Portuguese - adhesive Pronunciation
s. adesivo, cola
adj. pegajoso; adesivo
English - Russian - adhesive Pronunciation
с. клей, клейкое вещество, почтовая марка на клею
прил. липкий, клейкий, вязкий, связывающий, сцепной
English - Turkish - adhesive Pronunciation
i. yapıştırıcı, tutkal, zamk
s. yapışkan, sadık, bağlı
English - Dutch - adhesive Pronunciation
zn. plakmiddel
bn. kleverig; klevend; plakkend; plakkerig
English - Greek - adhesive Pronunciation
ουσ. αυτοκολλητό
επίθ. συγκολλητικός, κολλώδης
English - Chinese - adhesive Pronunciation
(名) 胶粘剂; 粘合剂
(形) 粘的; 有粘性的; 带粘性的
English - Chinese - adhesive Pronunciation
(名) 膠黏劑; 黏合劑
(形) 黏的; 有黏性的; 帶黏性的
English - Japanese - adhesive Pronunciation
(名) 接着剤
(形) 粘着性の
English - Korean - adhesive Pronunciation
명. 점착성이 있는 것, 점착제
형. 점착성의, 들러붙는; 고집스런

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Synonyms for adhesive
1. glue: super glue, epoxy, adhesive tape, mucilage
2. sticking: adhering, adherent, sticky, gummy