Definition of adjustment Pronunciation
1. The action of adjusting something
2. The result of adjusting something; a small change; a minor correction; a modification or alteration
3. The settling or balancing of a financial account
The credit card company made an adjustment to my account to waive the late fee.
4. The behavioural process of balancing conflicting needs, or needs against obstacles in the environment.
When Jim graduated, he found adjustment to the working world difficult.
5. The assessment, by an insurance company, of a claim; the settlement of such a claim
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English - English - adjustment Pronunciation
n. adjusting, adaptation; state of being adjusted; settlement of an insurance claim
English - Spanish - adjustment Pronunciation
s. ajuste, acomodamiento, acomodo, adaptación, adecuación, arreglo, calibración, corrección, reglaje, regulación
English - French - adjustment Pronunciation
n. réglage; adaptation; rajustement; règlement d'une demande (justice)
English - German - adjustment Pronunciation
n. Stellung; Anpassung, Berichtigung, Regelung; Adjustierung; Reparatur; Verklagensseinigung
English - Italian - adjustment Pronunciation
s. adattamento, l'adattarsi; accomodamento, accordo; assestamento, sistemazione; regolazione, registrazione; dispositivo di regolazione; (Assic) perizia; liquidazione; correzione, rettifica
English - Portuguese - adjustment Pronunciation
s. ajustamento; acomodação
English - Russian - adjustment Pronunciation
с. регулировка, приспособление, установка, сборка, корректирование, пригонка, подгонка, регулирование, согласование, урегулирование
English - Turkish - adjustment Pronunciation
i. ayarlama, düzeltme, halletme, uydurma, ayar, alışma, dispeç
English - Dutch - adjustment Pronunciation
zn. aanpassing; verstelbaarheid; verstelling; stellingname
English - Greek - adjustment Pronunciation
ουσ. προσαρμογή, διευθέτηση, ρύθμιση, εφαρμογή, κανονισμός (αβαρίασ), απολογισμός (αβαρίασ)
English - Chinese - adjustment Pronunciation
(名) 调节; 校正; 调整; 调节装置
English - Chinese - adjustment Pronunciation
(名) 調節; 校正; 調整; 調節裝置
English - Japanese - adjustment Pronunciation
(名) 調整; 調停; 調整装置
English - Korean - adjustment Pronunciation
명. 조정, 조절; 수정, 적응; 보험금 청구 정산, 정산서

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