Definition of adolescence Pronunciation
1. The transitional period of physical and psychological development between childhood and maturity.
During adolescence, the body and mind go through many complex changes, some of which are difficult to deal with.
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English - English - adolescence Pronunciation
n. age of puberty; youth
n. adolescence, teenage years; boyhood, teens
English - Spanish - adolescence Pronunciation
s. adolescencia
English - French - adolescence Pronunciation
n. adolescence
English - German - adolescence Pronunciation
n. Pubertät
English - Indonesian - adolescence Pronunciation
n. masa remaja, keremajaan, masa pubertas
English - Italian - adolescence Pronunciation
s. adolescenza
English - Polish - adolescence Pronunciation
n. wiek młodzieńczy, dorastanie, adolescencja
English - Portuguese - adolescence Pronunciation
s. juventude; adolescência
English - Romanian - adolescence Pronunciation
n. adolescenţă, tinereţe
English - Russian - adolescence Pronunciation
с. молодость, юность
English - Turkish - adolescence Pronunciation
i. gençlik, büyüme çağı, delikanlılık
English - Ukrainian - adolescence Pronunciation
n. юність, юнацтво, юнь, нелітність, неповноліття
French - English - adolescence Pronunciation
(f) n. adolescence, teenage years; boyhood, teens
English - Dutch - adolescence Pronunciation
zn. puberteit; volwassenheid
English - Greek - adolescence Pronunciation
ουσ. ήβη, εφηβική ηλικία
French - Spanish - adolescence Pronunciation
1. (période) adolescencia (f); juventud (f)
2. (temps) adolescencia (f)
French - German - adolescence Pronunciation
n. adoleszenz
French - Italian - adolescence Pronunciation
1. (période) adolescenza (f); giovinezza (f); gioventù {invariable}
2. (temps) adolescenza (f)
French - Portuguese - adolescence Pronunciation
1. (période) adolescência (f); juventude (f); mocidade (f)
2. (temps) adolescência (f)
French - Russian - adolescence Pronunciation
n. отрочество (f)
French - Turkish - adolescence Pronunciation
[la] yeniyetmelik, ergenlik
French - Dutch - adolescence Pronunciation
1. (période) adolescentie (f); jeugd (m/f)
2. (temps) tienerjaren (p)
English - Arabic - adolescence Pronunciation
‏جيل المراهقة، المراهقة، سن المراهقة‏
English - Chinese - adolescence Pronunciation
(名) 青春期, 青少年时期; 发育成形阶段
English - Chinese - adolescence Pronunciation
(名) 青春期, 青少年時期; 發育成形階段
English - Hindi - adolescence Pronunciation
n. किशोरावस्था
English - Japanese - adolescence Pronunciation
(名) 青春期; 思春期
English - Korean - adolescence Pronunciation
명. 청년기; 청춘기
English - Vietnamese - adolescence Pronunciation
n. tuổi xuân

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Synonyms for adolescence
immaturity: youth, juvenility, prime, greenness, minority