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English English - Definition of adolescence 
n. age of puberty; youth
n. adolescence, teenage years; boyhood, teens
Spanish English To Spanish - adolescence 
s. adolescencia
French English To French - adolescence 
n. adolescence
German English To German - adolescence 
n. Pubertät
Italian English To Italian - adolescence 
s. adolescenza
Portuguese English To Portuguese - adolescence 
s. juventude; adolescência
Russian English To Russian - adolescence 
с. молодость, юность
Turkish English To Turkish - adolescence 
i. gençlik, büyüme çağı, delikanlılık
English French To English - adolescence 
(f) n. adolescence, teenage years; boyhood, teens
Albanian English To Albanian - adolescence 
n. djalëri, adoleshencë
Dutch English To Dutch - adolescence 
zn. puberteit; volwassenheid
Greek English To Greek - adolescence 
ουσ. ήβη, εφηβική ηλικία
Dutch French To Dutch - adolescence 
1. (période) adolescentie (f); jeugd (m/f)
2. (temps) tienerjaren (p)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - adolescence 
(名) 青春期, 青少年时期; 发育成形阶段
ChineseT English To ChineseT - adolescence 
(名) 青春期, 青少年時期; 發育成形階段
Japanese English To Japanese - adolescence 
(名) 青春期; 思春期
Korean English To Korean - adolescence 
명. 청년기; 청춘기
German French To German - adolescence 
n. adoleszenz
Italian French To Italian - adolescence 
1. (période) adolescenza (f); giovinezza (f); gioventù {invariable}
2. (temps) adolescenza (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - adolescence 
1. (période) adolescência (f); juventude (f); mocidade (f)
2. (temps) adolescência (f)
Russian French To Russian - adolescence 
n. отрочество (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - adolescence 
1. (période) adolescencia (f); juventud (f)
2. (temps) adolescencia (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - adolescence 
[la] yeniyetmelik, ergenlik
noun: in the state that someone is in between puberty and adulthood
noun: the time period between the beginning of puberty and adulthood


 Synonyms for adolescence
immaturity: youth, juvenility, prime, greenness, minority

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