Definition of adulterine Pronunciation
1. Spurious; due to adulteration.
2. Born of adultery.
3. Pertaining to adultery.
4. Illegal; unlicensed.
5. One born of an adulterous union.
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English - English - adulterine Pronunciation
adj. illegitimate, born from an adulterous relationship; not genuine, spurious
adj. adulterine, adulterous, illegitimate; not genuine, spurious
English - Spanish - adulterine Pronunciation
adj. adulterino
English - French - adulterine Pronunciation
adj. adultérin; bâtard; illégitime
English - German - adulterine Pronunciation
adj. unehelich (Kind); illegal
English - Italian - adulterine Pronunciation
agg. adulterino, sofisticato; illecito, illegale
English - Portuguese - adulterine Pronunciation
adj. adulterino, bastardo
English - Russian - adulterine Pronunciation
адюльтерный; внебрачный; незаконнорожденный; поддельный; подложный; связанный с прелюбодеянием
English - Turkish - adulterine Pronunciation
gayri mesru
English - Dutch - adulterine Pronunciation
bn. bastaard, niet voor de wet
English - Greek - adulterine Pronunciation
Επιθ. νόθος, που γεννήθηκε από μοιχεία
English - Chinese - adulterine Pronunciation
(形) 通奸的; 非法的; 掺假的
English - Chinese - adulterine Pronunciation
(形) 通姦的; 非法的; 摻假的
English - Japanese - adulterine Pronunciation
(形) 姦通の; 不法の; にせの

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