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English English - Definition of advantage 
n. benefit; profit; utility, avail
v. help, assist; promote; be beneficial to; give an advantage to
Spanish English To Spanish - advantage 
s. ventaja, aventajamiento, beneficio, conveniencia, partido, prerrogativa, pro, provecho; superioridad, preeminencia
v. traer ventaja, tener ventaja para; promocionar
French English To French - advantage 
n. avantage, bénéfice
v. avantager, favoriser
German English To German - advantage 
n. Vorteil; Profit; Nutzen
v. nützen, helfen
Italian English To Italian - advantage 
s. vantaggio; guadagno, profitto, convenienza; superiorità
v. avvantaggiare, favorire, appoggiare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - advantage 
s. vantagem; lucro; superioridade
v. ser vantajoso para determinado fim, ajudar, beneficiar, auxiliar
Russian English To Russian - advantage 
с. плюс, преимущество, превосходство; перевес, выгода, польза; благоприятное положение
г. давать преимущество, благоприятствовать, способствовать
Turkish English To Turkish - advantage 
i. avantaj, üstünlük, çıkar, fayda, menfaat
Albanian English To Albanian - advantage 
n. dobi, leverdi, përfitim, epërsi, avantazh
Dutch English To Dutch - advantage 
zn. voordeel; winst
ww. voordeel, helpend
Greek English To Greek - advantage 
ουσ. προτέρημα, πλεονέκτημα, όφελος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - advantage 
(名) 优势, 优点, 有利条件; 利益
(动) 有利于; 使处于优势; 有助于
ChineseT English To ChineseT - advantage 
(名) 優勢, 優點, 有利條件; 利益
(動) 有利於; 使處於優勢; 有助於
Japanese English To Japanese - advantage 
(名) 有利な点; 優位; 利益; アドバンテージ
(動) 有利になる; 得する
Korean English To Korean - advantage 
명. 이점; 이익; 유용
동. 돕다; 촉진시키다; 이익이 되다
ChineseS German To ChineseS - advantage 
[der] (网球比赛中的)优势分。领先分。
noun: benefit resulting from some event or action Example:It turned out to my advantage.
noun: the quality of having a superior or more favorable position Example:The experience gave him the advantage over me.
noun: first point scored after deuce
verb: give an advantage to Example:This system advantages the rich.


 Synonyms for advantage
1. value: gain, service, use, usefulness, utility, application, edge
2. benefit: good, improvement, purpose, convenience, preference, welfare, gratification
3. dominance: prevalence, superiority, supremacy, leverage, precedence
4. payoff: boon, bonus, reward, prerogative, privilege
Tenses for advantage
Present participle: advantaging
Present: advantage (3.person: advantages)
Past: advantaged
Future: will advantage
Present conditional: would advantage
Present Perfect: have advantaged (3.person: has advantaged)
Past Perfect: had advantaged
Future Perfect: will have advantaged
Past conditional: would have advantaged

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