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English English - Definition of adversary 
n. rival; enemy; opponent; person who opposes
Spanish English To Spanish - adversary 
s. adversario, antagonista, contrario, contrincante, oponente
French English To French - adversary 
n. adversaire
German English To German - adversary 
n. Gegner; Feind; Opponent
Italian English To Italian - adversary 
s. avversario, nemico; antagonista
Portuguese English To Portuguese - adversary 
s. adversário; inimigo; contrário
Russian English To Russian - adversary 
с. противник, враг, неприятель, соперник; оппонент
Turkish English To Turkish - adversary 
i. düşman, rakip, karşı kimse, hasım, muhalif, iblis
i. şeytan
Albanian English To Albanian - adversary 
n. kundërshtar
Dutch English To Dutch - adversary 
zn. vijand; tegenstander
Greek English To Greek - adversary 
ουσ. αντίπαλος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - adversary 
(名) 敌手; 对手
ChineseT English To ChineseT - adversary 
(名) 敵手; 對手
Japanese English To Japanese - adversary 
(名) 競争相手; 敵; 相手
Korean English To Korean - adversary 
명. 경쟁자; 적; 반대파
noun: someone who offers opposition


 Synonyms for adversary
enemy: rivalry, opposition, disputant, antagonist, opponent, competition, foe

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