Definition of adversity Pronunciation
1. The state of adverse conditions; state of misfortune or calamity.
2. An event that is adverse; calamity.
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English - English - adversity Pronunciation
n. misfortune, hardship; distress, suffering
English - Spanish - adversity Pronunciation
s. adversidad, desgracia, fatalidad; tribulación
English - French - adversity Pronunciation
n. adversité, détresse, rivalité
English - German - adversity Pronunciation
n. Not; Zeit der Not
English - Italian - adversity Pronunciation
s. avversità, sfortuna; disgrazia, calamità
English - Portuguese - adversity Pronunciation
s. adversidade; desgraça
English - Russian - adversity Pronunciation
с. напасти, несчастья, превратности судьбы, бедствия, неблагоприятная обстановка
English - Turkish - adversity Pronunciation
i. sıkıntı, zorluk, güçlük, şanssızlık
English - Dutch - adversity Pronunciation
zn. tegenslag, tegenspoed
English - Greek - adversity Pronunciation
ουσ. αντιξοότητα, δυστυχία, ατυχία, εναντιότητα
English - Chinese - adversity Pronunciation
(名) 逆境; 窘境; 厄运; 灾祸; 不幸
English - Chinese - adversity Pronunciation
(名) 逆境; 窘境; 厄運; 災禍; 不幸
English - Japanese - adversity Pronunciation
(名) 逆境; 困難
English - Korean - adversity Pronunciation
명. 불행, 역경, 불운; 고통

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Synonyms for adversity
grief: torment, worry, distress, dolour, woe, affliction, agony