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English English - Definition of affirm 
v. confirm; claim; state to be true
Spanish English To Spanish - affirm 
v. afirmar, alegar, asegurar, aseverar, declarar formalmente; ratificar, confirmar
French English To French - affirm 
v. affirmer, soutenir; confirmer, homologuer
German English To German - affirm 
v. bestätigen; behaupten; verkünden
Italian English To Italian - affirm 
v. affermare, asserire, dichiarare; confermare; (Dir) dichiarare solennemente
Portuguese English To Portuguese - affirm 
v. afirmar, aceitar, confirmar; opinar; declarar
Russian English To Russian - affirm 
г. подтверждать, утверждать, торжественно заявлять, скреплять подписью
Turkish English To Turkish - affirm 
f. söylemek, ileri sürmek, iddia etmek, beyan etmek, bildirmek, doğrulamak, onaylamak
Albanian English To Albanian - affirm 
v. pohoj, konfirmoj
Dutch English To Dutch - affirm 
ww. bevestigen, bekrachtigen; toegeven
Greek English To Greek - affirm 
ρήμ. δηλώνω υπεύθυνα [νομ.], βεβαιώνω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - affirm 
(动) 坚称, 申明, 断言; 证明; 确认, 证实; 断言; 提供正式证词
ChineseT English To ChineseT - affirm 
(動) 堅稱, 申明, 斷言; 證明; 確認, 證實; 斷言; 提供正式證詞
Japanese English To Japanese - affirm 
(動) 断言する; …と主張する; 誓う
Korean English To Korean - affirm 
동. 단언하다, 확언하다; 확신을 갖고 주장하다; 사실임을 진술하다
verb: to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true
verb: say yes to
verb: establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts


 Synonyms for affirm
1. assert: declare, swear, maintain, warrant, aver, claim, depose
2. approve: confirm, endorse, establish, ratify
Tenses for affirm
Present participle: affirming
Present: affirm (3.person: affirms)
Past: affirmed
Future: will affirm
Present conditional: would affirm
Present Perfect: have affirmed (3.person: has affirmed)
Past Perfect: had affirmed
Future Perfect: will have affirmed
Past conditional: would have affirmed

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