Definition of agent Pronunciation
1. One who exerts power, or has the power to act; an actor.
2. One who acts for, or in the place of, another (the principal), by authority from him; one intrusted with the business of another; a substitute; a deputy; a factor.
3. An active power or cause; that which has the power to produce an effect; as, a physical, chemical, or medicinal agent; as, heat is a powerful agent.
4. In the client-server model, the part of the system that performs information preparation and exchange on behalf of a client or server. Especially in the phrase “intelligent agent” it implies some kind of autonomous process which can communicate with other agents to perform some collective task on behalf of one or more humans.
5. The participant of a situation that carries out the action in this situation, e.g. "the boy" in the sentences "The boy kicked the ball" and "The ball was kicked by the boy".
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English - English - agent Pronunciation
n. person authorized to perform a certain action; representative; factor, cause; broker; cleansing means; substance which is able to produce an effect (Pharmacology)
n. agent, person authorized to perform a certain action; representative; factor, cause; broker; financier, money lender
adj. co-operative
English - Spanish - agent Pronunciation
s. agente, delegado, representante; corredor, gestor, procurador
English - French - agent Pronunciation
n. agent, représentant
English - German - agent Pronunciation
n. Agent; Vertreter; Faktor
English - Indonesian - agent Pronunciation
n. wakil, agen, dalal, alat, perantara, pengantar, polisi
English - Italian - agent Pronunciation
s. agente, rappresentante; (Pol) agente elettorale
English - Polish - agent Pronunciation
n. przedstawiciel, faktor, pośrednik, agent, czynnik
English - Portuguese - agent Pronunciation
s. agente; comissário; representante
English - Romanian - agent Pronunciation
n. agent, reprezentant, intermediar, samsar, factor
English - Russian - agent Pronunciation
с. агент, посредник, представитель, доверенное лицо; действующая сила; фактор, средство; вещество; деятель (лингв.)
English - Turkish - agent Pronunciation
i. acenta, temsilci, ajan, distribütör; yapan kimse, etkili olan kimse, etken, etmen, faktör
English - Ukrainian - agent Pronunciation
n. агент, представник, посередник, діючий: діюча сила, фактор, середовище, речовина, розвідник, кабзан
French - English - agent Pronunciation
adj. co-operative
German - English - agent Pronunciation
n. person authorized to perform a certain action; representative; factor, cause; broker; cleansing means; substance which is able to produce an effect (Pharmacology)
Polish - English - agent
n. canvasser, broker, deputy, emissary, intelligencer, sleuth, spy, representative, agent
Romanian - English - agent
n. agent, courier, clerk, minister, assignee, go-between, agency, factor, medium, means
n. broker
Dutch - English - agent Pronunciation
n. policeman; agent, broker; emissary
English - Dutch - agent Pronunciation
zn. tussenpersoon; agent; oorzaak
English - Greek - agent Pronunciation
ουσ. συντελεστής, παράγων [αριθμ.], αγών, μέσο, πράκτωρας, αντιπρόσωπος, πράκτορας
επίθ. αίτιος
French - Spanish - agent Pronunciation
1. (police - homme) agente de policía; policía (m) 2. (activité - femme) intérprete (f); ejecutante (f) 3. (chimie) agente (m); reactivo (m)
4. (homme) funcionario (m); agente (m); oficial (m) 5. (profession - homme) agente (m); representante (m)
6. (profession - femme) agente (f); representante (f) 7. (femme) funcionaria (f); oficial (f)
German - Spanish - agent Pronunciation
n. representante (m), agente (m), apoderado (m), distribuidor (m), factor (m)
French - German - agent Pronunciation
n. polizist, geschäftsbesorger, manager, schaffner, wirkstoff, agent, spitzel
French - Italian - agent Pronunciation
1. (police - homme) poliziotto (m); agente di polizia; agente (m); guardia (f); piedi piatti (m); sbirro {informal} 2. (activité - femme) esecutrice (f); realizzatrice (f) 3. (chimie) agente (m); reagente (m); reattivo (m)
4. (homme) agente (m); funzionario (m) 5. (profession - homme) agente (m); rappresentante (m)
6. (profession - femme) agente (m); rappresentante (f) 7. (femme) agente (f); funzionaria (f)
French - Portuguese - agent Pronunciation
1. (police - homme) oficial de polícia; agente de polícia; policial (m); cana (m) (slang; Lat. Amer.) 2. (activité - femme) realizadora (f); executora (f) 3. (chimie) agente (m); reagente (m)
4. (homme) funcionário (m) 5. (profession - homme) agente (m); representante (m) 6. (profession - femme) agente (f); representante (f)
7. (femme) funcionária (f)
French - Russian - agent Pronunciation
n. фактор (m), движущая сила (m), агент (m), вещество (m), возбудитель (m)
French - Turkish - agent Pronunciation
[le] memur; ajan; görevli;etken; acente
German - French - agent Pronunciation
n. agent (m), agent commercial (m), imprésario (m), agent secret (m)
German - Italian - agent Pronunciation
n. spia (f), agente (m), rappresentatore (m)
German - Russian - agent Pronunciation
n. агент (m), посредник (m)
German - Turkish - agent Pronunciation
i. temsilci (m), ajan (m)
Dutch - French - agent Pronunciation
1. (politie - man) agent de police; agent (m); policier (m); flic (m){informal}; poulet (m){informal}; shérif adjoint; adjoint du chef de la police du comté
2. (beroep - man) agent (m); représentant (m)
French - Dutch - agent Pronunciation
1. (police - homme) politieman (m); politieagent (m); agent (m); smeris (m) {informal} 2. (activité - femme) uitvoerster (f) 3. (chimie) agens (n); reagens (n)
4. (homme) ambtenaar (m); functionaris (m); beambte (m) 5. (profession - homme) agent (m); vertegenwoordiger (m) 6. (profession - femme) agente (f); vertegenwoordigster (f)
7. (femme) ambtenaar (f); functionaris (f); beambte (f)
English - Arabic - agent Pronunciation
‏وكيل، عميل سري، عامل، نائب، أداة، ممثل، موظف خاصة في الشرطة وقوة الأمن‏
English - Chinese - agent Pronunciation
(名) 代理人; 仲介人; 代理商; 间谍, 特工, 密探
English - Chinese - agent Pronunciation
(名) 代理人; 仲介人; 代理商; 間諜, 特務, 密探
English - Hindi - agent Pronunciation
n. एजेंट, अभिकर्त्ता, अढ़तिया, आढ़तिया, घटक, आम मुख्तार, प्रतिनिधि, जासूस
a. अढ़तिया-संबंधी
English - Japanese - agent Pronunciation
(名) 代理人; 代理店主; 周旋人; 部員; 作用を起こすもの
English - Korean - agent Pronunciation
명. 대리인; 대표자; 작인, 동인
English - Vietnamese - agent Pronunciation
n. chủ động, hành động, tay doanh nghiệp, đại lý độc quyền, người quản lý, người đại lý
German - Chinese - agent Pronunciation
[der] pl.Agenten 代理人。代表。间谍。特务。

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Synonyms for agent
1. instrument: method, vehicle, medium, agency, factor, cause, means
2. representative: deputy, emissary, intermediary, surrogate, broker, attorney