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English English - Definition of agent 
n. person authorized to perform a certain action; representative; factor, cause; broker; cleansing means; substance which is able to produce an effect (Pharmacology)
n. agent, person authorized to perform a certain action; representative; factor, cause; broker; financier, money lender
adj. co-operative
Spanish English To Spanish - agent 
s. agente, delegado, representante; corredor, gestor, procurador
French English To French - agent 
n. agent, représentant
German English To German - agent 
n. Agent; Vertreter; Faktor
Italian English To Italian - agent 
s. agente, rappresentante; (Pol) agente elettorale
Portuguese English To Portuguese - agent 
s. agente; comissário; representante
Russian English To Russian - agent 
с. агент, посредник, представитель, доверенное лицо; действующая сила; фактор, средство; вещество; деятель (лингв.)
Turkish English To Turkish - agent 
i. acenta, temsilci, ajan, distribütör; yapan kimse, etkili olan kimse, etken, etmen, faktör
English French To English - agent 
adj. co-operative
English German To English - agent 
n. person authorized to perform a certain action; representative; factor, cause; broker; cleansing means; substance which is able to produce an effect (Pharmacology)
English Dutch To English - agent 
n. policeman; agent, broker; emissary
Albanian English To Albanian - agent 
n. agjent, faktor, spiun, mjet
Dutch English To Dutch - agent 
zn. tussenpersoon; agent; oorzaak
Greek English To Greek - agent 
ουσ. συντελεστής, παράγων [αριθμ.], αγών, μέσο, πράκτωρας, αντιπρόσωπος, πράκτορας
επίθ. αίτιος
French Dutch To French - agent 
1. (politie - man) agent de police; agent (m); policier (m); flic (m){informal}; poulet (m){informal}; shérif adjoint; adjoint du chef de la police du comté
2. (beroep - man) agent (m); représentant (m)
Dutch French To Dutch - agent 
1. (police - homme) politieman (m); politieagent (m); agent (m); smeris (m) {informal} 2. (activité - femme) uitvoerster (f) 3. (chimie) agens (n); reagens (n)
4. (homme) ambtenaar (m); functionaris (m); beambte (m) 5. (profession - homme) agent (m); vertegenwoordiger (m) 6. (profession - femme) agente (f); vertegenwoordigster (f)
7. (femme) ambtenaar (f); functionaris (f); beambte (f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - agent 
(名) 代理人; 仲介人; 代理商; 间谍, 特工, 密探
ChineseT English To ChineseT - agent 
(名) 代理人; 仲介人; 代理商; 間諜, 特務, 密探
Japanese English To Japanese - agent 
(名) 代理人; 代理店主; 周旋人; 部員; 作用を起こすもの
Korean English To Korean - agent 
명. 대리인; 대표자; 작인, 동인
German French To German - agent 
n. polizist, geschäftsbesorger, manager, schaffner, wirkstoff, agent, spitzel
Italian French To Italian - agent 
1. (police - homme) poliziotto (m); agente di polizia; agente (m); guardia (f); piedi piatti (m); sbirro {informal} 2. (activité - femme) esecutrice (f); realizzatrice (f) 3. (chimie) agente (m); reagente (m); reattivo (m)
4. (homme) agente (m); funzionario (m) 5. (profession - homme) agente (m); rappresentante (m)
6. (profession - femme) agente (m); rappresentante (f) 7. (femme) agente (f); funzionaria (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - agent 
1. (police - homme) oficial de polícia; agente de polícia; policial (m); cana (m) (slang; Lat. Amer.) 2. (activité - femme) realizadora (f); executora (f) 3. (chimie) agente (m); reagente (m)
4. (homme) funcionário (m) 5. (profession - homme) agente (m); representante (m) 6. (profession - femme) agente (f); representante (f)
7. (femme) funcionária (f)
Russian French To Russian - agent 
n. фактор (m), движущая сила (m), агент (m), вещество (m), возбудитель (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - agent 
1. (police - homme) agente de policía; policía (m) 2. (activité - femme) intérprete (f); ejecutante (f) 3. (chimie) agente (m); reactivo (m)
4. (homme) funcionario (m); agente (m); oficial (m) 5. (profession - homme) agente (m); representante (m)
6. (profession - femme) agente (f); representante (f) 7. (femme) funcionaria (f); oficial (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - agent 
[le] memur; ajan; görevli;etken; acente
ChineseS German To ChineseS - agent 
[der] pl.Agenten 代理人。代表。间谍。特务。
French German To French - agent 
n. agent (m), agent commercial (m), imprésario (m), agent secret (m)
Italian German To Italian - agent 
n. spia (f), agente (m), rappresentatore (m)
Russian German To Russian - agent 
n. агент (m), посредник (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - agent 
n. representante (m), agente (m), apoderado (m), distribuidor (m), factor (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - agent 
i. temsilci (m), ajan (m)
noun: an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect Example:Their research uncovered new disease agents.
noun: a businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission
noun: a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
noun: any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau
noun: a substance that exerts some force or effect
noun: the semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the hapening denoted by th


 Synonyms for agent
1. instrument: method, vehicle, medium, agency, factor, cause, means
2. representative: deputy, emissary, intermediary, surrogate, broker, attorney

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