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Definition of aggrandise

1. Add details to.
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English - English - aggrandise

[aggrandise (Brit.) ] v. make bigger, make larger; widen; extend; increase the power or status of; increase the wealth of; intensify or exaggerate the reputation of someone in an artificial manner; make something look greater; add details to (also aggrandize)

English - Spanish - aggrandise

v.- agrandar

English - German - aggrandise

Brit.) ] v. vergrößern, größer machen; erweitern; die Macht oder Status von jemanden vergrößern; den Reichtum von jemanden vergrößern; den Ruf einer Person übermäßig intensivieren; Detaiils verstärken

English - Italian - aggrandise

v. ingrandire, aumentare, esaltare, esagerare

English - Portuguese - aggrandise

[aggrandise (Brit.) ] v. engrandecer; enlargar; estender; enforçar; enriquecer; intensificar e exagerar sobre os poderes e estatus de uma pessoa; fazer com que algo pareça maior do que realmente é; adicionar detalhes a (inglês americano: aggrandize)

English - Dutch - aggrandise

[aggrandise (Brit.) ] ww. vergroten, groter maken; verbreden; uitbreiden; in kracht versterken; in rijkdom vermeerderen; iemands reputatie op kunstmatige wijze overdrijven; groter doen lijken; details toevoegen aan (ook "aggrandise")

English - Japanese - aggrandise

[aggrandise (Brit.) ] (動) 拡大する; 広くする; 拡張する; 力や地位を強く見せる; 人の評判を誇張する; 誇張して見せる; 大げさにする
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Synonyms for aggrandise
1. inflate: acclaim, commend, praise, applaud, extol, boast
2. amplify: enlarge, increase, extend, expand, intensify
Verb forms for aggrandise
Present participle: aggrandising
Present: aggrandise (3.person: aggrandises)
Past: aggrandised
Future: will aggrandise
Present conditional: would aggrandise
Present Perfect: have aggrandised (3.person: has aggrandised)
Past Perfect: had aggrandised
Future Perfect: will have aggrandised
Past conditional: would have aggrandised