Definition of aggrieve Pronunciation
1. To give pain or sorrow to; to afflict; hence, to oppress or injure in one's rights; to bear heavily upon;—now commonly used in the passive, to be aggrieved.
2. To grieve; to lament.
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English - English - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. wrong, oppress; cause sorrow; offend
English - Spanish - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. acongojar, afligir, apenar; agraviar, abaldonar, injuriar
English - French - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. chagriner, attrister; léser (légal)
English - German - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. verärgern; kränken; ungerecht behandeln
English - Indonesian - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. bersedih hati: membuat bersedih hati
English - Italian - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. addolorare, offendere, ledere
English - Polish - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. zasmucać, krzywdzić, dotknąć, zasmucić, skrzywdzić, dotykać
English - Portuguese - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. afligir; discriminar
English - Romanian - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. îndurera, mâhni, jigni, nedreptăţi
English - Russian - aggrieve Pronunciation
г. огорчать, обижать, удручать, наносить ущерб
English - Turkish - aggrieve Pronunciation
f. üzmek, incitmek, rencide etmek, mağdur etmek, kederlendirmek
English - Ukrainian - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. засмучувати, пригнічувати
English - Dutch - aggrieve Pronunciation
ww. spijten
English - Greek - aggrieve Pronunciation
ρήμ. καταπιέζω, θλίβω
English - Arabic - aggrieve Pronunciation
‏إضطهد، ضايق، ظلم، حزن‏
English - Chinese - aggrieve Pronunciation
(动) 使委屈, 使苦恼, 侵害
English - Chinese - aggrieve Pronunciation
(動) 使委屈, 使苦惱, 侵害
English - Hindi - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. सताना, पीड़ित करना, पीड़ा देना
English - Japanese - aggrieve Pronunciation
(動) 悩ます; 不当に扱う
English - Korean - aggrieve Pronunciation
동. 못되게 굴다; 괴롭히다; 학대하다, 감정을 상하게 하다
English - Vietnamese - aggrieve Pronunciation
v. làm buồn rầu, phiền muộn, khổ sở

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for aggrieve
bother: harass, afflict, upset, distress, rack, disturb, constrain
Verb forms for aggrieve
Present participle: aggrieving
Present: aggrieve (3.person: aggrieves)
Past: aggrieved
Future: will aggrieve
Present conditional: would aggrieve
Present Perfect: have aggrieved (3.person: has aggrieved)
Past Perfect: had aggrieved
Future Perfect: will have aggrieved
Past conditional: would have aggrieved