English - Definiton of ahead Pronunciation
adv. forward; in advance
English - Spanish - ahead Pronunciation
adv. delante, adelante, por delante
English - French - ahead Pronunciation
adv. en avant, à l'avance
English - German - ahead Pronunciation
adv. vorne; von vornherein
English - Italian - ahead Pronunciation
avv. davanti; in anticipo; in vantaggio
English - Portuguese - ahead Pronunciation
adv. para frente; adiante
English - Russian - ahead Pronunciation
нареч. вперед, впереди, напролом
English - Turkish - ahead Pronunciation
zf. ilerde, önde, önceden
s. ilerde, önde, başta, ileri
English - Albanian - ahead Pronunciation
adv. para, përpara, ardhme: në të ardhmen
English - Dutch - ahead Pronunciation
bw. voorop, vooruit; in het vooruitzicht
English - Greek - ahead Pronunciation
επίρ. εμπρός
English - Chinese - ahead Pronunciation
(副) 在前; 预先; 向前; 领先
English - Chinese - ahead Pronunciation
(副) 在前; 預先; 向前; 領先
English - Japanese - ahead Pronunciation
(副) 前方に; 先に; 勝って
English - Korean - ahead Pronunciation
부. 앞쪽에, 전방에; 앞서서
adverb: at or in the front Example:I see the lights of a town ahead.
adverb: ahead of time; in anticipation Example:When you pay ahead (or in advance) you receive a discount.
adverb: in a forward direction Example:Go ahead.
adverb: leading or ahead in a competition Example:The horse was three lengths ahead going into the home stretch.
adverb: to a different or a more advanced time (meaning advanced either toward the present or toward the future) Example:Moved the appointment ahead from Tuesday t

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Synonyms for ahead
1. forward: before, in advance, onward, leading
2. advancing: more advanced, earlier, progressing, surpassing, leading, preceding