Definition of ahead Pronunciation
1. In or to the front; in advance; onward.
The island was directly ahead.
2. In the direction one is facing or moving.
Just ahead you can see the cliffs.
3. In or for the future.
There may be tough times ahead.
You've got to think ahead so as not to be unprepared.
4. At an earlier time.
He paid his rent ahead.
5. Having progressed more.
In all of his classes Jack was ahead.
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English - English - ahead Pronunciation
adv. forward; in advance
English - Spanish - ahead Pronunciation
adv. delante, adelante, por delante
English - French - ahead Pronunciation
adv. en avant, à l'avance
English - German - ahead Pronunciation
adv. vorne; von vornherein
English - Indonesian - ahead Pronunciation
adv. depan: di depan, muka: di muka
English - Italian - ahead Pronunciation
avv. davanti; in anticipo; in vantaggio
English - Polish - ahead Pronunciation
adv. przed, przód: na przodzie, przód: z przodu, czoło: na czele, dziób: na dziobie {mar.}, naprzód
English - Portuguese - ahead Pronunciation
adv. para frente; adiante
English - Romanian - ahead Pronunciation
adv. înainte, viitor: pe viitor, faţă: în faţă, frunte: în frunte
English - Russian - ahead Pronunciation
нареч. вперед, впереди, напролом
English - Turkish - ahead Pronunciation
zf. ilerde, önde, önceden
s. ilerde, önde, başta, ileri
English - Ukrainian - ahead Pronunciation
a. прогресуючий, випережаючий
adv. уперед, попереду, спереду
prep. попереду
English - Dutch - ahead Pronunciation
bw. voorop, vooruit; in het vooruitzicht
English - Greek - ahead Pronunciation
επίρ. εμπρός
English - Arabic - ahead Pronunciation
‏أمام، قدما، في الطليعة، إلي الأمام، في مقدمة‏
English - Chinese - ahead Pronunciation
(副) 在前; 预先; 向前; 领先
English - Chinese - ahead Pronunciation
(副) 在前; 預先; 向前; 領先
English - Hindi - ahead Pronunciation
adv. आगे की आ‍ेर, प्रगति की आ‍ेर, बढ़कर
English - Japanese - ahead Pronunciation
(副) 前方に; 先に; 勝って
English - Korean - ahead Pronunciation
부. 앞쪽에, 전방에; 앞서서
English - Vietnamese - ahead Pronunciation
a. ở phía trước, qua mặt
adv. đi trước

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Synonyms for ahead
1. forward: before, in advance, onward, leading
2. advancing: more advanced, earlier, progressing, surpassing, leading, preceding