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English English - Definition of aimless 
adj. purposeless; lacking a goal
Spanish English To Spanish - aimless 
adj. sin mira, sin designio
French English To French - aimless 
adj. sans but, sans objet; sans limite
German English To German - aimless 
adj. ziellos, sinnlos
Italian English To Italian - aimless 
agg. senza scopo, senza meta
Portuguese English To Portuguese - aimless 
adj. sem objetivo, sem propósito
Russian English To Russian - aimless 
прил. бесцельный, бессмысленный
Turkish English To Turkish - aimless 
s. amaçsız, hedefsiz, gayesiz, maksatsız
Albanian English To Albanian - aimless 
adj. paqëllim: i paqëllim
Dutch English To Dutch - aimless 
bn. doelloos; niet doeltreffend
Greek English To Greek - aimless 
επίθ. άσκοπος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - aimless 
(形) 无目的的, 没有目标的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - aimless 
(形) 無目的的, 沒有目標的
Japanese English To Japanese - aimless 
(形) 目的のない; 目標のない
Korean English To Korean - aimless 
형. 목적없는, 목표없는
adjective: continually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another
adjective: aimlessly drifting.


 Synonyms for aimless
1. drifting: stray, wandering, erratic, haphazard, rambling, wayward, careless
2. pointless: purposeless, futile, fatuous, haphazard, accidental, random

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