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English English - Definition of alertness 
n. readiness; wakefulness; carefulness
Spanish English To Spanish - alertness 
s. estado de alerta, conciencia, listeza, vigilia
French English To French - alertness 
n. vigilence; vivacité; prudence
German English To German - alertness 
n. Wachsamkeit; Schärfe; Vorsicht
Italian English To Italian - alertness 
s. vigilanza; vivacità, prontezza, sveltezza
Portuguese English To Portuguese - alertness 
s. vigilância; agilidade; atividade
Russian English To Russian - alertness 
с. бдительность, настороженность
Turkish English To Turkish - alertness 
i. uyanıklık, açıkgözlük; tetiklik, atiklik
Albanian English To Albanian - alertness 
n. vigjilencë, gjallëri
Dutch English To Dutch - alertness 
zn. waakzaamheid; opmerkzaamheid; oplettendheid
Greek English To Greek - alertness 
ουσ. γοργότητα, ετοιμότητα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - alertness 
(名) 警觉; 活泼; 机警; 灵活, 敏捷
ChineseT English To ChineseT - alertness 
(名) 警覺; 活潑; 機警; 靈活, 敏捷
Japanese English To Japanese - alertness 
(名) 油断のないこと; 注意深さ; 機敏
Korean English To Korean - alertness 
명. 준비태세; 경계; 방심하지 않음
noun: lively attentiveness
noun: a state of readiness to respond
noun: the process of paying close and continuous attention.


 Synonyms for alertness
carefulness: attention, care, caution, concern, prudence, pains, heedfulness

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