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English English - Definition of alleviated 
[alleviate] v. allay, soothe, relieve; moderate, soften; lessen, diminish
Spanish English To Spanish - alleviated 
[alleviate] v. aliviar, aligerar, alivianar, descargar, desgravar, lenificar
French English To French - alleviated 
[alleviate] v. alléger, soulager, adoucir
German English To German - alleviated 
[alleviate] v. erleichtern, mildern, lindern
Italian English To Italian - alleviated 
[alleviate] v. alleviare, lenire, attenuare, mitigare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - alleviated 
[alleviate] v. aliviar; suavizar; moderar
Russian English To Russian - alleviated 
[alleviate] г. облегчать, смягчать
Turkish English To Turkish - alleviated 
[alleviate] f. yatıştırmak, hafifletmek, dindirmek, azaltmak, bastırmak, teskin etmek
Dutch English To Dutch - alleviated 
[alleviate] ww. verlichten, verzachten
Greek English To Greek - alleviated 
[alleviate] ρήμ. ανακουφίζω, ελαφρώνω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - alleviated 
[alleviate] (动) 减轻, 使缓和
ChineseT English To ChineseT - alleviated 
[alleviate] (動) 減輕, 使緩和
Japanese English To Japanese - alleviated 
[alleviate] (動) 軽くする; 和らげる; 軽減する
Korean English To Korean - alleviated 
[alleviate] 동. 완화시키다, 경감하다, 덜다; 부드럽게 하다; 줄이다
adjective: (of pain or sorrow) made easier to bear.


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