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English Italian To English - altura 
n. rise, height, hill, high ground
English Portuguese To English - altura 
(f) n. height, altitude, stature; loftiness, eminence
English Spanish To English - altura 
n. height, altitude; elevation; tallness; highness, loftiness
French Italian To French - altura 
(geologia) colline (f)
German Italian To German - altura 
n. anhöhe, höhe, erhöhung, erhebung
French Portuguese To French - altura 
1. (geral) occasion (f) 2. (voz) volume (m)
3. (medidas - pesos) hauteur (f); altitude (f) 4. (corpo) taille (f)
5. (música) ton (m); hauteur (f) 6. (pessoa) stature (f); taille (f)
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - altura 
n. 高度 (gao1 du4), 個子 (ge4 zı5), 高低 (gao1 dı1)
French Spanish To French - altura 
1. (medidas - pesos) hauteur (f); altitude (f)
2. (cuerpo) taille (f)
3. (geología) colline (f)
German Spanish To German - altura 
n. höhe, stand, anhöhe, erhöhung, erhabenheit
Korean Spanish To Korean - altura 
n. 높이, 키, 귀하
Russian Spanish To Russian - altura 
n. возвышенность, вершина, высота, рост, превосходство


 Synonyms for altura
1. altitudine: altezza,
2. monte: colle, collina
3. alterigia: superbia,

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