Definition of ambidextrous Pronunciation
1. Having equal ability in both hands; in particular, able to write equally well with both hands.
2. Equally usable by left-handed and right-handed people as a tool or instrument.
3. Practising or siding with both parties.
4. Of a person, bisexual.
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English - English - ambidextrous Pronunciation
adj. using both hands with equal ease
English - Spanish - ambidextrous Pronunciation
adj. ambidextro, versátil
English - French - ambidextrous Pronunciation
adj. ambidextre ( contrôle intégral de ces deux mains de la même façon); double visage (personnage trompeur)
English - German - ambidextrous Pronunciation
adj. beidhändig; hinterhältig
English - Indonesian - ambidextrous Pronunciation
a. tangkas: sangat tangkas, pandai: sangat pandai
English - Italian - ambidextrous Pronunciation
agg. ambidestro (destro in ambo le mani)
English - Polish - ambidextrous Pronunciation
a. oburęczny, obłudny
English - Portuguese - ambidextrous Pronunciation
adj. ambidestro (que utiliza as duas mãos coma mesma facilidade); que possui duas caras ou duas faces
English - Romanian - ambidextrous Pronunciation
a. ambidextru
English - Russian - ambidextrous Pronunciation
прил. владеющий двумя руками, двуличный
English - Turkish - ambidextrous Pronunciation
s. iki elini de kullanabilen; elinden her iş gelen; çok yönlü; iki yüzlü
English - Ukrainian - ambidextrous Pronunciation
a. рука: що однаково володіє обома руками, двобічний, двосторонній, дволичний, лукавий
English - Dutch - ambidextrous Pronunciation
bn. tweehandig, met beide handen; onoprecht
English - Greek - ambidextrous Pronunciation
επίθ. αμφιδέξιος
English - Arabic - ambidextrous Pronunciation
‏بارع إلى حد إثتثنائي، قادر‏
English - Chinese - ambidextrous Pronunciation
(形) 两手俱利的, 怀有二心的
English - Chinese - ambidextrous Pronunciation
(形) 兩手俱利的, 懷有二心的
English - Hindi - ambidextrous Pronunciation
a. छली, कपटी
English - Japanese - ambidextrous Pronunciation
(形) 両手の利く; 二心のある; 並外れて器用な
English - Korean - ambidextrous Pronunciation
형. 양수잡이의, 두 마음을 품은
English - Vietnamese - ambidextrous Pronunciation
a. người dùng được hai tay, người gian xảo

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