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English Italian To English - ambiguo 
adj. ambiguous, equivocal, devious, obscure, vague, doubtful
English Spanish To English - ambiguo 
adj. ambiguous, open to dispute; doubtful, uncertain; noncommittal; double barrelled; bisexual
French Italian To French - ambiguo 
1. (dubbio) douteux; suspect; équivoque
2. (lingua) indirect; vague; détourné; évasif; obscur; peu clair
3. (comportamento) louche; sournois 4. (equivoco) ambigu; à double sens; équivoque
German Italian To German - ambiguo 
adj. zweideutig, zwielichtig, missdeutig, mehrdeutig, orakelhaft, schief
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - ambiguo 
adj. 雙關 (shuang1 guan1), 含糊 (han2 hu2)
French Spanish To French - ambiguo 
(equívoco) ambigu; à double sens; équivoque
German Spanish To German - ambiguo 
a. doppelsinnig, doppeldeutig, zweideutig, vieldeutig, mehrdeutig, undurchsichtig, doppelzüngig, schief
Korean Spanish To Korean - ambiguo 
adj. 가지: 두 가지 뜻으로 해석할 수 있는, 모호한
Russian Spanish To Russian - ambiguo 
adj. двусмысленный, сомнительный


 Synonyms for ambiguo
1. losco: torbido, equivoco, poco sincero, poco limpido, doppio, falso, finto, subdolo, sospettoso
2. oscuro: incerto, vago, evasivo, elusivo, poco chiaro, dubbo, equivoco, enigmatico, misterioso, sfuggente, indefinibile

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