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English English - Definition of amourette 
n. love affair, affair of the heart
n. passing fancy
n. love affair, affair of the heart
Spanish English To Spanish - amourette 
s. lío amoroso (m)
French English To French - amourette 
n. amourette, affaire de coeur, amour passager et sans précédent
German English To German - amourette 
n. Liebesaffäre, Affäre
Italian English To Italian - amourette 
s. relazione amorosa, intrigo amoroso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - amourette 
s. namorico (m)
Russian English To Russian - amourette 
с. любовная интрижка
English French To English - amourette 
n. passing fancy
English Dutch To English - amourette 
n. love affair, affair of the heart
Albanian English To Albanian - amourette 
n. histori dashurie [iron.]
Dutch English To Dutch - amourette 
zn. liefdesaffaire, zaak van het hart
Japanese English To Japanese - amourette 
(名) 情事
Korean English To Korean - amourette 
명. 한때의 정사, 잠깐의 정사
German French To German - amourette 
n. liebelei
Turkish French To Turkish - amourette 
[la] geçici aşk, gelgeç sevgi


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