Definition of anaerobically Pronunciation
1. In an anaerobic manner; in a way that does not require oxygen. Generally used of metabolic processes.
Humans can metabolize both aerobically and anaerobically, the latter generally in high stress situations.
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English - English - anaerobically Pronunciation
adv. in anaerobic form
English - Spanish - anaerobically Pronunciation
adv. anaeróbicamente
English - French - anaerobically Pronunciation
adv. anaérobiquement, sans air
English - German - anaerobically Pronunciation
adv. anaerobisch, ohne Luft
English - Italian - anaerobically Pronunciation
avv. anerobicamente
English - Portuguese - anaerobically Pronunciation
adv. anaerobicamente, sem ar, sem utilização do ar para sobrevivência
English - Dutch - anaerobically Pronunciation
bw. op een anaerobsiche wijze, zonder lucht
English - Japanese - anaerobically Pronunciation
(副) 嫌気性に

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