Definition of aneurism Pronunciation
1. A cardiovascular disease characterized by a saclike widening of an artery resulting from weakening of the artery wall.
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English - English - aneurism Pronunciation
n. permanent arterial enlargement usually caused by weakening of the vessel wall by diseases (Medicine)
English - Spanish - aneurism Pronunciation
s. aneurisma
English - French - aneurism Pronunciation
n. anévrisme (médecine)
English - German - aneurism Pronunciation
n. Aneurysma, Schlagadergeschwulst, Schlagadererweiterung
English - Italian - aneurism Pronunciation
s. aneurisma (malattia)
English - Polish - aneurism Pronunciation
n. anewryzm, tętniak {med.}
English - Portuguese - aneurism Pronunciation
s. aneurisma (Medicina)
English - Romanian - aneurism Pronunciation
n. anevrism {med.}
English - Russian - aneurism Pronunciation
с. аневризм
English - Turkish - aneurism Pronunciation
i. damar genişlemesi
English - Ukrainian - aneurism Pronunciation
n. аневризм
English - Dutch - aneurism Pronunciation
zn. inhamming (bij geneeskunde)
English - Greek - aneurism Pronunciation
(Lex). ανεύρισμα
English - Arabic - aneurism Pronunciation
‏تمدد الأوعية الدموية، أنورسما تمدد الاوعية الدموية‏
English - Chinese - aneurism Pronunciation
(名) 动脉瘤
English - Chinese - aneurism Pronunciation
(名) 動脈瘤
English - Japanese - aneurism Pronunciation
(名) 動脈瘤(医学)
English - Korean - aneurism Pronunciation
명. 동맥류
English - Vietnamese - aneurism Pronunciation
n. động mạch lựu

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