Definition of angary Pronunciation
1. The right of one belligerant (government) in a conflict to seize, use or destroy the property of another belligerent or neutral state, or the private citizens thereof, provided compensation is paid.
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English - English - angary Pronunciation
n. right to seize property in a state of emergency (i.e. war)
English - Spanish - angary Pronunciation
s. angaria
English - French - angary Pronunciation
n. angarie; droit de réquisition des biens en temps d'urgence
English - German - angary Pronunciation
n. Angarie, Recht bei Notzuständen Eigentum zu konfiszieren
English - Italian - angary Pronunciation
s. diritto secondo la legge internazionale di uno stato belligerante di prendere, usare o distruggere proprietà di stati neutrali
English - Portuguese - angary Pronunciation
s. angaria (Direito Internacional)
English - Russian - angary Pronunciation
с. использование или разрушение имущества, право воюющей стороны на захват
English - Turkish - angary Pronunciation
i. angarya, savaşta tarafsız ülke toprağını zaptetme hakkı
English - Ukrainian - angary Pronunciation
n. ангарія
English - Dutch - angary Pronunciation
zn. inbeslagname van privé-eigendom voor publiek gebruik in noodsituatie
English - Greek - angary Pronunciation
Ουσ. δικαίωμα καταστροφής εγκαταστάσεων κτλ. εμπόλεμης χώρας (σε περίπτωση εκτακτης και επιτακτικής ανάγκης πχ. πόλεμος)
English - Chinese - angary Pronunciation
(名) 非常征用权
English - Chinese - angary Pronunciation
(名) 非常徵用權
English - Japanese - angary Pronunciation
(名) 徴用権(戦争など)

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