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English English - Definition of anglophobe 
n. one who fears or hates England or English things
n. anglophobe, one who fears or hates England or things English
n. anglophobe, one who fears or hates England or English things
Spanish English To Spanish - anglophobe 
s. anglofobia, que odia a los ingleses
French English To French - anglophobe 
n. anglophobe; qui éprouve de la haine pour les Anglais
German English To German - anglophobe 
n. Anglophob, Jem der England die englische Sprache oder Engländer fürchtet oder ihrer abgeneigt ist
Italian English To Italian - anglophobe 
s. anglofobo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - anglophobe 
s. anglófobo, pessoa que tem medo da Inglaterra ou coisas Inglesas
Russian English To Russian - anglophobe 
с. англофоб
Turkish English To Turkish - anglophobe 
i. İngiliz düşmanı, anglofob
s. İngiliz düşmanı
English French To English - anglophobe 
n. anglophobe, one who fears or hates England or English things
Dutch English To Dutch - anglophobe 
zn. anglofoob, haat engelsen
Dutch French To Dutch - anglophobe 
(conduite) anglofoob
Japanese English To Japanese - anglophobe 
(名) 英国嫌いの人
Korean English To Korean - anglophobe 
명. 영국을 무서워 하거나 싫어하는 사람
Italian French To Italian - anglophobe 
(conduite) anglofobo
Portuguese French To Portuguese - anglophobe 
(conduite) anglófobo
Spanish French To Spanish - anglophobe 
(conduite) anglófobo
Turkish French To Turkish - anglophobe 
İngiliz düşmanı, İngilizsevmez
noun: a person who hates England and everything English


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